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Race, Racism, & Critical Thinking

This course teaches students to critically examine race and racism, including their conceptualizations and impacts on society. This course takes the position that race, gender, class and sexuality are socially constructed and applies this constructionist perspective on examining race relations in the US, and, when possible, focusing on the experiences of Asian Pacific Americans. The purpose of the course is to teach students to read, think and write critically by exposing them to a selection of race relation topics. Students will learn about critical perspectives on “race.” Students are required to work in groups during class discussions of assignments to facilitate and enhance their comprehension of class materials. Active participation is crucial to build within each student confidence on public speaking, critical thinking, writing and reading skills. Writing assignments, short exams and a final exam are given to assess students’ overall comprehension of the class.

Dr. Gina Masequesmay
California State University Northridge


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