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African Americans and the Politics of Reparations (More than a Check)

Professor Christopher M. Tinson
Hampshire University

Racial reparations have been and continue to be one of the most explosive contemporary issues. Some argue that this country’s history of enslavement renders some form of reparations necessary to the quest for social justice; that understanding reparations is central to honest conversations about race and racism. Others argue that reparations for past injustices such as slavery are unfair. Still others refuse to discuss the topic altogether. This course is concerned with the historic and contemporary reparations debate as it pertains to African Americans. We will pay close attention to how historians, artists, legal scholars, political scientists, grassroots community activists and legislators have approached this issue, and gauge its relevance in our “post-racial” moment.

To access the complete syllabus, please click on the online version of African Americans and the Politics of Reparations syllabus.

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