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Poetics of Blackness

Tyrone S. Palmer
Northwestern University

This course aims to foster the development of conceptual tools and reading practices with which to engage the problematic of Blackness. Mobilizing “poetics” in the broadest sense of the term—i.e., as a mode of articulation and a system of meaning—this course brings together Black critical theory and contemporary black poetry in order to think through key sites of conflict in the theorization of Blackness. Rather than offer a history of Black poetry, this course is interested in approaching poetry as a crucial node of Black critical thought. This course will pay particular attention to questions of form, genre, the archive, queerness, gender, visuality, ontology and temporality as they approach and are undone by Blackness.

To access the full syllabus, please click on the link to the PDF version of the Poetics of Blackness syllabus.

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