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Other[ed.]: What is decolonizing education in the post-secondary setting?

The video “Other[ed.]: What is Decolonizing Education in the Post-Secondary Setting?” was created as a part of the 2014 University of Toronto’s International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (IDERD) Communications Campaign, observed annually on March 21st. The objective of the video is to explore the diverse perspectives on the meaning of decolonizing education; decolonizing practices (i.e. what it looks like inside and outside of the classroom, in teaching, and in institutional policies, practices and structures); and in its linkages to anti-racism change. Though decolonization references specific present day implication for both North American and transnational indigenous peoples (Tuck and Yang, 2012), we are conscious of the fact that the concept “decolonizing education” can also have a multiplicity of meanings from a number of different perspectives. It is some of these perspectives that we hope to highlight, in collaboration with students, faculty, staff and post-secondary institutions as a whole.

Other[ed.] is meant to utilized as an educational resource for both members of the internal University of Toronto community (students, staff and faculty) as well members of the broader external community. Watch it and share it with your networks!

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