Alma Sheppard-Matsuo artwork

Junot Diaz: Literature is The Closest Thing To Telepathy

“One of the functions that art has is not only is art didactic. Art can be in many ways persuasive or seductive. But art is also transgressive and the transgressive function of art is fundamental in a society that often shies away from the difficult topics, the difficult subjects and the difficult conversations it needs to engage in. We all live in societies that repress and silence what’s troubling, what’s naughty, what’s sort of in some ways I think threatening. But art has this way of provoking. Art has this way of imposing these silences, breaking these silences and posing these conversations on us. And I think it’s absolutely important that we as a society think in ways that we often don’t imagine subjects that we often sort of shy away from and enter silences that we’re not often encouraged to do so. Because in these silences in what’s disavowed awaits who we really are as a culture and a society.”-Junot Diaz

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