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Jannat Ali: On Being a Pakistani Transgender Activist

In her poignant talk, well-known transgender activist, Jannat Ali, shares her painful journey of coming out to not just her family, but to society at large as well. From transcending trials and tribulations, to her mission to shatter stereotypes, Ali, a formally trained Kathak performer, completes her talk with a spell-binding performance. Jannat Ali is a well-known transgender activist, performing artist and DIC Coordinator at the Khawaja Sira Society (a community-building organization) led by the transgender community for healthcare, human rights and advocacy in Pakistan. She was the first transgender Project Manager in Pakistan. Having been awarded a gold medal during her MBA program, Jannat is also a professional Kathak performer and stands as one of six women who was part of the well-known theatre production, ‘The Third Line’ (based on the lives of transgenders), that was performed across Pakistan in addition to overseas; in Denmark and the United States, in 2016. Having represented Pakistan’s transgender community in over seven countries for a number of training sessions, workshops and seminars, Jannat’s travels encouraged her to implement similar trainings for her community in her own home country. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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