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Happy New Year!

Hello Praxis readers.

Welcome to the third decade of the twenty-first century. We launch the seventh year of Praxis Center with tremendous concern for the state of world but with great confidence in the power of the people. Praxis Center’s Call for 2020 is to please vote during this election year!

We want to introduce you to three new team members. H.L.T. Quan has joined us as our Editor-in-Residence. She is a political theorist, an award-winning filmmaker, and an Associate Professor of Justice Studies in the School of Social Transformation at Arizona State University. Her community work and research center on movements for justice, and race, gender and radical thought.

We also welcome Tirrea Billings, who joined us as last fall as the new Managing Editor of Praxis. She brings with her a strong expertise in filmmaking, photography, and communications and is a graduate student at Western Michigan University. Our third new team member is Elioenai Ramirez Quinones, who is taking over from Julia Plomer as Arts Editor of Praxis. Both Julia and Sandy Hudson, the former editor-in-residence, have returned to graduate and professional schools and regrettably had to leave our team. Bailey Mead, the former Managing Editor, decided to pursue other interest.

We thank them for their excellent work and we wish them well.

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