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Global Health and Social Justice

Professor Laura Nathan
University of California, Berkeley

This course addresses the social forces that promote and sustain illness throughout the globe and contribute to illness outbreaks becoming epidemics and pandemics. Emphasizing the central role of poverty and politics in shaping health risks and health outcomes, we will explore disparities within and across nations. We will analyze the conditions that give rise and reinforce inequities in health and health outcomes and how and why these circumstances are often taken as a given. With the understanding that health is, at its core, a social justice issue, the course considers policies and programs that attempt to address health problems by reducing disparities. We will turn a critical eye to how and why some of these policies and programs have helped to alleviate suffering and how some have caused additional harm to already vulnerable populations.

To access the complete syllabus, please click on the online version of the Global Health and Social Justice syllabus.

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