Alma Sheppard-Matsuo artwork

Climate Change and the Shared Responsibility for Global Health

Repost from the Lancet. “Is there a relationship between carbon dioxide emission per capita and life expectancy? Looking at the graphic presentation of both (based on the World Bank’s World Development Indicators 2013), one cannot deny the correlation: the more countries emit carbon dioxide, the longer their inhabitants live. Correlation does not imply causation; we reject the premise that burning more fossil fuels will automatically help governments to increase the life expectancy of their citizens. Yet the path that current high-income countries took to reach high income, and the life expectancy their citizens enjoy, involved increasing carbon dioxide emission. To achieve similar life expectancy levels, governments of low- and middle-income are tempted to replicate a similar trajectory of economic growth – including burning fossil fuels ad libitum – which would create a serious climate change problem. But how to convince them to follow a green growth path?” Read more here .

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