Ligatures for Black Bodies

By Denise Miller

Denise Miller’s stunning artwork is featured on the home page of Praxis Center’s website. Here, she shares three poems from her forthcoming book, Ligatures for Black Bodies, with Rattle Press in November. For Denise, poetry tells the stories of individuals in order to give the entire society its full voice. In Audre Lorde’s words: “our labor has become more important than our silence.” (more…)

#StopTheBleeding Africa

#Stopthebleeding Campaign to End Illicit Financial Flows from Africa



Darrell Cannon: Surviving Chicago Police Torture

By Darrell Cannon  Editor’s note: Darrell Cannon was tortured by Chicago police detectives under the command of former Police Commander Jon Burge. He was a leading voice in the struggle for reparations and continues to be an advocate for justice. … Continue reading

Gay Rights and the Justice Department

Repost from The New York Times. The Justice Department adjusts its own policies and programs, bringing advances for gay couples and American justice. Read more at The New York Times.

Poverty Behind Detroit’s High Child Mortality Rate?

Repost from NPR. This is a transcript from an interview conducted by Michel Martin with The Detroit News  health care writer, Karen Bouffard, and social worker, Paris Rutledge. The interview centers on a recent report by The Detroit News, which states that Detroit … Continue reading

In Jaipur, New Feminists Are Born

Repost from the New York Times. Part of a series entitled “India Ink,” Rachira Gupta covers her travels with Gloria Steinem throughout India where they are talking about their new book, As If Women Matter. In this particular article, Gupta and … Continue reading