Science & Social Justice

Science often gets framed as outside the discourse on social justice. After all, it is 'objective' research. What does biology, chemistry and computer science have to do with issues like gender equity, racism, homophobia, and wealth disparity? There are scientists of conscience working to answer these questions and to incorporate their findings into research approaches and pedagogy. This page is a collaboration between the ACSJL and Harvard University's DIVISION OF MEDICAL SCIENCES OF HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL.

Underserved Students Not as Likely to be Ready for STEM Careers

By Autumn A. Arnett | Diverse Issues in Higher Education

A newly released American College Testing (ACT) report on “Understanding the Underserved Learner: the Condition of STEM 2014” suggests that underserved students are far less likely to be prepared for careers in STEM, despite an often equal interest in the disciplines. Continue reading this article in Diverse Issues in Higher Education.

Standing Our Ground

By Regina Stevens-Truss, Contributing Editor, Science and Social Justice When did we lose our humanity and accept circumstances in which we are allowed to say, “I have a right to be here and to prove that I’m going to shoot … Continue reading

Corporate Science Obstructs Science for the People

Recently, in response to an online petition with over 65,000 signatures, the White House announced that it intends to make some federally funded research findings published in pricey scientific journals available to the public free of charge one year after … Continue reading