Race, Class, & Immigration: watch-listen

The intersectionality of racism, classism, and immigration policy is as pertinent today as in the past. Who is deemed legal and illegal, afforded full citizenship rights or not, is almost always determined by master-class politics and race.

What is Lava Mae?

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It’s About Human Rights There are 6,500 homeless people in San Francisco; 3,100 of them live on the street​.  

Death in the Med

death in med

On 3 October 2013, a boat sank off the Sicilian island of Lampedusa, killing 366 of the 518 people on board. They were among the thousands who flee Eritrea each year on a perilous journey in search of asylum in … Continue reading

Michael Jackson visits Africa 1992


In February of 1992, Michael Jackson made an 11 day visit to Africa. On arrival, he was greeted by grade-school students in Gabon, West Africa, who carried a banner that proclaimed: “Welcome Home Michael”. By the time he left, he … Continue reading

America’s STEM Education Problem


Our nation’s high school seniors aren’t ready for college-level math and science courses. Few graduates take advanced STEM classes in high school, and those who do rarely earn qualifying scores on their AP exams.

Fast food wars–the fight for $15

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Tsedeye Gebreselassie from “The National Employment Law Project,” joins Joy Reid to discuss the fight for better working wages for fast food worker. Watch here. The Reid Report 05/15/14

August Wilson on Blackness

august Wilson on Blackness

Pulitzer Prize- winning playwright, August Wilson, on blackness and how his characters find nobility in struggle.

Poet Amiri Baraka


Poet and political agitator Amiri Baraka talks about his work and his activism in a 1999 interview with Bill Moyers.