Race, Class, & Immigration

The intersectionality of racism, classism, and immigration policy is as pertinent today as in the past. Who is deemed legal and illegal, afforded full citizenship rights or not, is almost always determined by master-class politics and race.

Invisible People: The Rights of “Temporary Foreign Workers”

By Sarah Duggan

The first time Alberto Mendoza-Galina[1], a journalist and producer of independent video documentaries, became involved in the lives of temporary foreign workers (TFW) working in Canada was when he ran into them, accidently, at the Vancouver airport. “It was just luck, because they’re so invisible, nobody knows they’re here.”

TFWs have been coming to British Columbia (BC) to work in agriculture since 2004, the year that the Seasonal Agriculture Workers Program[2] (SAWP) was introduced to the province. Yet to this day, many Canadian consumers are not aware of the connection between local produce and the lives of these migrants. Although it has become more commonly known “where” our food is grown, “who” grows our food still remains virtually unknown. (more…)

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