Human Rights

The inherent dignity and the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world. Preamble, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948.

Finding Hope Amidst Despair: Journalism and the Current Refugee Crisis in Europe

By Shayna Plaut, Contributing Editor, Human Rights

We’ve seen the body of the toddler Alan Kurdi, who, along with mother and brother, drowned on the shores of Europe seeking safety.

Keleti Train Station

We have heard the impassioned pleas of people from Syria and Afghanistan and Eritrea holding train tickets that are no longer valid.

We have listened in confusion as the Prime Ministers of Hungary, Germany and other Central European countries debate the politics of the European Union as people sleep on the street with neither blankets nor water. (more…)

What’s Your Story?

By Bill Ayers We are all refugees from our childhoods. And so we turn, among other things, to stories. To write a story, to read a story, is to be a refugee from the state of refugees. Writers and readers … Continue reading

Towards a Water Ethics Manifesto

By Lucy Rodina Is it ethical to let a river run dry? Is it ethical to have clean drinking water in Vancouver and hundreds of boil water advisories in Indigenous communities all across Canada? Is it ethical to take away … Continue reading

Intra-Arab discrimination in Dearborn

By Banen Al-Sheemary | openDemocracy I have grown accustomed to the skeptical glances and displeased faces that accompany the “othering” question, “where are you from?” Whether I’m dealing with white America in Ann Arbor or intra-Arab hierarchy and Lebanese superiority … Continue reading