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Ethical Dimensions of Global Humanitarian Policy

This course surveys the ethical dilemmas that arise in the context of global need and global opportunity, specifically the needs for physical, psychological and spiritual sustenance and support created in the developing world by many kinds of violence, exploitation and … Continue reading

Great Lakes American Indian History

This course examines the competing ways in which Native histories of the Great Lakes region have been constructed. Primary sources are drawn from Native origin and migration stories, and oral histories. Secondary sources include studies of Ojibwe spearfishing, Indigenous religious, … Continue reading

Issues in Womens International Human Rights and International Violence Against Women

International violence against women happens in different contexts and cultures world-wide, and second; that the international study of these problems reveals the complicity and systematic toleration of violence against women by governments all over the world. International collaboration on addressing … Continue reading

Law and Poverty

This class introduces you to literature written by writers of color living in the United States. With special attention to motifs such as memory, storytelling, cultural hybridity, and the social construction of identity, we’ll explore similarities and differences in the … Continue reading

Native American History

This course explores the diverse histories of the Indigenous peoples of what is now the United States from pre-European contact to the twentieth century. We will look at the ways in which Native peoples and historians have constructed these histories, … Continue reading

Poverty, Wealth, and Inequality in the U.S

Drawing on an interdisciplinary selection of theoretical frameworks and disciplines ranging from critical studies to education, we will explore the social, cultural, political, and spiritual implications of poverty, wealth, and inequality in the United States. In a fully experiential manner … Continue reading

Social Justice & Sustainable Development Seminar

Lectures, excursions, visits and discussions are designed to provide students with a solid grasp of contemporary Brazilian society in terms of its historical, social, economic, and political development, with emphasis on Northeast Brazil. Within the thematic modules, emphasis is placed … Continue reading

Trans Bodies Across the Globe

This course investigates transnational understandings of gender variance and transgender bodies. How do understandings of the relationship between gender and sexuality change across the globe? How have terms like “transgender” been taken up outside the United States? This course examines … Continue reading

Women in African History

This course is a thematic exploration of some of the roles women have played in Africa over the last five hundred years. Through broader historical studies as well as individuals’ life stories, we will examine some of the activities and … Continue reading

Women in East Asia

The goal of this course is to help you sharpen your analytic skills in thinking about cultural differences and gender differences while at the same time learning more about the contemporary societies of China, Japan, and Korea. It will be … Continue reading

Women, Law & Human Rights

Dr.  Anne Hellum University of California Berkeley Syllabus

Women, Religion, & Human Rights

Women, Religion, and Human Rights Dr. Joan Ferrante Kalamazoo College

Women, States, & NGOs

Women, States, & NGOs: What is the state and where did it come from? Is it necessary? What is the source of state power and how do women, in particular, encounter it? These are some of the questions we will … Continue reading