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Human Rights Events

Global Law and Policy Conference
Host: Harvard Law School
Dates: 1-3 June, 2015
Location: Harvard University, MA
The Conference will be held every other June at Harvard Law School and is open to all those who are interested in pursuing new thinking about law and global policy, including those who are new to our network as well as IGLP alumni and friends. Our aim is to provide an ongoing opportunity for scholars connected to the Institute to return to Cambridge to present their research, to reconnect with peers from across the globe, and to find new opportunities for collaborative research with other innovative scholars.

RC26 4th Joint Conference: Human Rights and Justice
Host: International Political Science Association
Dates: 8-10 June, 2015
Location: The Hague, Netherlands
This joint conference will ask researchers and policymakers from academia, think tanks, IOs and NGOs to deal with various aspects of justice and human rights. Papers should highlight how and to what extent human rights in all aspects and levels of governance, law and decision making allow or deny access to justice. This may include questions regarding whether and to what extent the international human rights regime can address adequately the challenges of human rights implementation and justice, as well as how regional, national, and local mechanisms may address human rights challenges. Paper and panel proposals that also address the issues such as climate justice, transitional justice or cyber justice as well as access to justice and global distributive justice are welcome.

International Human Rights Training Program
Host: Equitas
Dates: 7-26 June, 2015
Location: Montreal, Canada
Equitas annually offers this one of a kind training program in Montreal, Canada, that builds human rights knowledge and skills, attitudes and behaviours. Participants from about 50 countries are equipped with innovative tools that enable them to enhance their action to defend and promote human rights and democratic values in their home contexts. The training takes place in a safe Canadian environment ensuring participants can openly express themselves in a non-threatening environment.

Humanity in Action International Conference
Host: Humanity in Action
Dates: 25-28 June, 2015
Location: The Hague, Netherlands 
The 2015 International Conference, titled “Gateway to Justice: The Hague,” will investigate the city’s unique role to shaping international values and institutions. The Hague has become the epicenter of engagement in international issues, especially in regard to peace, justice and reconciliation. 

Over four days, the International Conference will explore how The Hague’s approach to international justice and peace impacts national debates on human rights issues in the Netherlands and throughout the Western world. The conference will address how institutions in The Hague, including the International Criminal Courts, International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, International Court of Justice, impact some of the most important historical and contemporary international disputes and violations of the rule of law.


Slavery Past, Present and Future
Dates: 7-9 July, 2015
Location: Mansfield College, Oxford, UK
Is slavery an inevitable part of the human condition? Controversial estimates indicate that up to 35 million people worldwide are enslaved. This modern re-emergence of slavery following abolition over two hundred years ago, is said to be linked to the deepening interconnectedness of countries in the global economy, overpopulation, and the economic and other vulnerabilities of the individual victims and communities.

This conference will explore slavery in all its dimensions and, in particular, the ways in which we understand and attempt to respond to it.

Free Minds, Free People
Host: Education for Liberation Network
Dates: July 9-12, 2015
Location: Oakland, CA
Free Minds, Free People is a national conference that brings together teachers, high school and college students, researchers, parents and community-based activists/educators from across the country to build a movement to develop and promote education as a tool for liberation. We seek to develop ways of teaching and learning both in and out of school that help us to build a more just society. The conference is a space in which these groups can learn from and teach each other, sharing knowledge, experience and strategies.

The Second Asian Symposium on Human Rights Education
Host: PRESDA Foundation of Japan
Dates: August 2-4, 2015
Location: Hiroshima, Japan
Human rights, which are deeply intertwined with a nation’s social, political, and economic rights, are critical to a nation’s wellbeing and global peace. Unfortunately, the problems facing them today are widespread and complex, challenging customs and prejudices that are deeply ingrained in the social fabric of a society. At the forefront in the battle for equality today are women, indigenous people, and minorities, to name a few. In many parts of the world, their rights and path to self-determination are obstructed by systematic discrimination and inequality, resulting in varying degrees of abuse, violence, inadequate wages, forced labor, suppression of speech, and overall disempowerment. Moreover, their situation is exacerbated by a legal system that opposes them or by their governments’ inability to protect and promote their rights.

The three-day symposium in August will provide an interdisciplinary platform for academics, researchers, policy makers, human rights advocates, students and professionals. With the theme Human Rights: The Road to Reform, the conference will promote a greater understanding and access to human rights and help to equalize the process of globalization.

Pathways Towards Just Peace
Host: Asia-Pacific Peace Research Association (APPRA)
Date: 9-11 October, 2015
Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
The Asia-Pacific has undergone critical economic and political changes over the past two decades. The end of the Cold War promised the lessening of regional antagonism, economic prosperity and democratic progress. Nevertheless, the region continues facing challenges caused by border disputes, outbreak of ethnic and sectarian armed conflicts, return to authoritarianism, gross human rights violation, inter-state competitions in armament, income disparity, food insecurity, gender inequality and insensitivity, natural disaster and transnational migration. These challenges have urged the people and governments in Asia-Pacific to seek sustainable solutions through cooperation and imagination of an alternative polity. This is a political project where communities and polities in Asia-Pacific endeavor to ‘reinvent’ themselves, so democracy can find its way even in the most disturbed environments. Nepal itself had been shadowed under monarchy for ages and grappled by riots and communal disharmony for over a decade, until the people decided to move towards peace and development.

24th International Harm Reduction Conference
Host: Harm Reduction International
Date 18-21 Oct, 2015
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
This year’s theme – ‘Call for Leadership’ – reflects the urgent need to address critical issues faced by the harm reduction response.  The 2015 target set by the international community of reducing HIV among people who inject drugs by half has been missed by a staggering amount, a failure that is now further undermined by the growing funding gap in the harm reduction response due to changing donor priorities.  Empowered and engaged leadership among civil society organizations, including networks of people who use drugs, sex workers and people living with HIV, are key to challenging this crisis, as is leadership from national governments such as Malaysia, which through domestic support for harm reduction programming has achieved significant reductions in HIV infection among people who inject drugs.  Leadership is also demanded as the international community approaches important UN General Assembly meetings on both drug policy and HIV in 2016.

5th Global Conference on Genocide
Host: International Network of Genocide Scholars (INoGS)
Date: 26-29 June, 2016
Location: Hebrew University of Jerusalem & Van Deer Institute, Jerusalem


DOJ: Prosecute Those Responsible for the Abhorrent CIA Torture Program!
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Hold the Wall
The federal government will soon make a decision on approving the Enbridge Northern Gateway tar sands pipelines and tankers project. The Yinka Dene Alliance of First Nations is committed to using all lawful means to stop this devastating project from ever being built through our territories, and has joined with other First Nations to create a powerful and unbroken wall of opposition. We are asking you to stand with us to Hold the Wall. SIGN NOW!