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Why Are We Using Prisons to Treat Mental Illness? Over Criminalized

Instead of helping the mentally ill, police often put them behind bars. Watch how one police department is making a positive difference. WATCH MORE:… You can fight back. Join us:…… It’s simple. Diversion programs work better than … Continue reading

Drug use and harm reduction in Afghanistan

creen Shot 2015-02-11 at 5.28.54 PM (2)

93% of the world opium is produced in Afghanistan and, there were, in 2009, 1 500 000 drug users in the country. Furthermore, the pattern of drug use in Afghanistan has been changing from smoking to injecting. Kabul, the capital, … Continue reading

Sicko- Life in France


This scene from Michael Moore’s documentary, Sicko, shows some of the health/social benefits of living in France.

The Cuban Health System Today

uban healthcare

Peter Bourne discusses the current state of the Cuban health system in a presentation at Unite for Sight’s 2013 Global Health & Innovation Conference.

One Night in Bhopal


One Night in Bhopal is a BBC documentary film about the chemical and gas disaster that took place in Bhopal, India in 1984.

Fault Lines


Al Jazeera English investigates the American debate about abortion.

The Lazarus Effect


The Lazarus Effect illustrates the transformative effect of life-saving antiretroviral medicine through the stories of HIV+ people in Zambia. Watch here.

Jimmy’s GM Food Fight

GM crops

Jimmy Doherty is on a mission to find out if GM crops really can feed the world. To find the answers, Jimmy is on a journey that will take him from the soy plantations of Argentina to the Amish farms … Continue reading

Money Talks: Profits Before Patient Safety

no free lunch

“Money Talks exposes the questionable tactics that big drug companies use to make record profits by playing with the safety of our family’s health care.” Watch here.

Seeds Of Death


Seeds of Death, an award-winning documentary, exposes the lies about GMOs and pulls back the curtains to witness our planet’s future if Big Agriculture’s new green revolution becomes our dominant food supply.

Up/Down: Bipolar Living


“There are approximately 5.7 million people in the United States with bipolar disorder. In an attempt to eliminate the mystery and misinformation surrounding the illness, many throughout the country diagnosed with this condition were interviewed extensively.” Watch here .

Globesity: Fat’s New Frontier


“Globesity: Fat’s New Frontier reveals the outrageous eruption of a worldwide corpulence in countries where not so long ago famine was number one health issue.” Watch here.