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Global Health: teach

Gender, Race, Science & Technology

What can we learn about science and technology—and what can we do with that knowledge? Who are “we” in these questions?—whose knowledge and expertise gets made into public policy, new medicines, topics of cultural and political discourse, science education, and … Continue reading

Prison Abolition Syllabus

Black Perspectives On September 9, 2016, the 45th anniversary of the Attica prison uprising, prisoners from at least twenty-one states began striking against what they called “modern-day slavery.” The strike stands as one of the largest in U.S. history (figures … Continue reading

Race, Class, and Health

This course critically examines health status and health care disparities among racial/ethnic minority groups in the United States. We will review the complex relationship between social class (socioeconomic status) and health status, the effect of race/ethnicity on health outcomes and … Continue reading

Representation of HIV/AIDS

This class is meant to facilitate an interdisciplinary conversation of the representation of HIV/AIDS in many different media sources: science writing, journalism, visual art, literature, drama, and popular culture. At the core of this class is the organizing question: what … Continue reading

Reproductive Health: Politics, Rights, and Justice

This course is designed to explore, in an in-depth fashion, ethnographic approaches to women’s reproductive health issues, as well as looking at reproduction in the broader structural (socioeconomic and political) contexts in which it is situated.  In particular, we will … Continue reading


By Equal Health The course is designed for health profession students of all levels (including those studying medicine, nursing, midwifery, and public health), and links tropical medicine with social medicine teaching. The course will be taught in French. 2016 marked … Continue reading

Social Medicine Course Toolkit

By Social Medicine Consortium Members of the Social Medicine Consortium have recommended the following resources for those interested in deepening their understanding of social medicine. The Social Medicine Consortium does not claim ownership over the following documents, except where indicated. … Continue reading

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