Global Health: teach

Ethical Issues in Health Policy

This course begins with an exploration of ethics, the moral relevance of health and the use of ethics in the assessment of health policy. Students will become acquainted with a number of theories of justice. Student will explore contemporary health … Continue reading

Gender, Race, Science & Technology

What can we learn about science and technology—and what can we do with that knowledge? Who are “we” in these questions?—whose knowledge and expertise gets made into public policy, new medicines, topics of cultural and political discourse, science education, and … Continue reading

Inequality and Health

This course will analyze studies of health outcomes, the social conditions that are related to the health of populations, and some of the mechanisms through which these patterns are produced. These research topics are not constrained to a single discipline … Continue reading

Obesity and Eating Disorders

The objective of this course is to provide the student with a review of the problem of obesity (which is not necessarily an eating disorder) as well as the major clinical eating disorders, including binge eating disorder, bulimia nervosa, and … Continue reading

Representation of HIV/AIDS

This class is meant to facilitate an interdisciplinary conversation of the representation of HIV/AIDS in many different media sources: science writing, journalism, visual art, literature, drama, and popular culture. At the core of this class is the organizing question: what … Continue reading

Reproductive Health: Politics, Rights, and Justice

This course is designed to explore, in an in-depth fashion, ethnographic approaches to women’s reproductive health issues, as well as looking at reproduction in the broader structural (socioeconomic and political) contexts in which it is situated.  In particular, we will … Continue reading

Sociology of Mental Health

Poor mental health and mental illness are often viewed as biological or genetic flaws. Sociologists, however, argue that mental illness is socially constructed, and that population mental health is profoundly shaped by social conditions. In this course, we will explore … Continue reading