Genders & Sexualities: act

The liberation of our genders, our sexualities and our visions for justice are often severely constricted by the massive projects of male supremacy and heterosexism. Intellectual and activist resistance toward a gender just world in which all genders and sexualities emerge in vibrant, affirming community fuel critical movements for justice around the globe.

Genders & Sexualities Events

AASECT 46th Annual Conference
Host: American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors & Therapists (AASECT)
Dates: June 4-8, 2014
Location: Monterey, CA
Can articulating guiding principles of sexuality repair fractures caused by disciplinary divergences or by gaps between generations of those working in the field of sexuality? Or do conflicting principles in sexuality give rise to useful alternatives in our practice? These are questions we invite you to address at our 2014 Annual Conference.

International Gender and Language Association Conference
Host: The Linguistic Society of America

Dates: June 5-7, 2014
Location: Vancouver, Canada
The conference will cover areas like Gender, Sexuality, Discourse, and Language, IGALA 8 2014 aims to bring together scholars from diverse fields of knowledge as well as geographical regions who are interested in broadening and deepening our understanding of the complex relationships among gender, sexuality, discourse and langue. In so doing, we encourage new ways of signifying these concepts and their interrelationships in the following thematic areas.

Gender Economics Global Conference 2014
Host: The Centre for Gender Economics
Dates: June 10-11, 2014
Location: Sydney, Australia
The conference program comprises two full days over 10-11 June 2014 divided into three sessions. The Plenary includes expert speakers drawn from business and practitioners working in the field, panel discussions, plus presentations selected from our call for papers. The Academic Session includes selected papers presented by academics from around the world and the third session is the Working Session. These are facilitated working sessions on the conference themes which tie into both the Plenary and Academic presentations.

13th Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference
Host: Mazzoni Center

Dates: June 12-14, 2014
Location: Philadelphia, PA
PTHC proudly offers a space for Trans* people and allies, families, and providers to come together to re-envision what health means for Trans* people. The focus of this conference is promoting transgender health and wellness in mind, body, spirit, and community. PTHC recognizes the interconnections among all aspects of our well-being; including health, safety, education, employment, housing, and social support.

36th Annual Guelph Sexuality Conference
Host: University of Guelph

Dates: June 19-20, 2014
Location: Guelph, Ontario
The Annual Guelph Sexuality Conference seeks to advance the sexual health and well-being of Canadians and the global community by providing evidence-based information, education and training designed to engage practitioners in diverse fields related to sexual health.

ATGENDER Spring Conference 2014
Dates: June 25-27, 2014
Location: Barcelona, Spain
ATGENDER dedicates this year’s Spring Conference to:
-Gender equality and policy making
-crossroads and intersections of feminist activism and equality policies
-establishing connections between equality agents, feminist activists, information specialists and those involved in academic gender studies

The keynote speakers will be Alison Woodward from Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Mieke Verloo from Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen.

2014 Women’s Leadership Conference
Advena World
Dates: July 1, 2014
Location:Washington DC
The title and theme of this conference is “Redefining Work-life Balance: Family, Career, Love, and Money.” This conference will provide the ideal opportunity to meet women in leadership and present  your projects and experiences to experts in business, entrepreneurship, finance, science, engineering and technology, research, healthcare, consultancy, advocacy, entertainment, and women’s issues. Also, the conference provides an excellent venue for you to present your research and receive quality feedback.

Marginality, Inclusiveness and Social Justice: Contemporary Challenges in Researching Women, Men and Gender
Host: The Women’s Development Research Centre (KANITA), Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)
Dates: August 13-14, 2014
Location: Penang, Malaysia
The 2014 conference will focus on the challenges in researching women and gender issues in contemporary times. The context of our discussion is the current globalising trends that have led to widening social and economic disparities, and increasing human insecurity, uncertainty and risk. Not only has the gap between richer and poorer countries been difficult to bridge, the societies in many countries grow increasingly polarised. While some layers of society have benefitted from the rapid changes, others have been left behind and marginalised, i.e. systematically excluded from accessing the rights, opportunities and resources in society.

Gendered Planet: Ethics, Ecology, and Equity
Host: University of Wisconsin- Madison

Dates: October 17-18, 2014
Location: River Falls, WI
The 2014 Wisconsin and Midwest Women’s and Gender Studies conference will bring together academics, teachers, students, community members, artists, activists, and others from across the disciplines to share emerging and effective research, scholarly, educational, creative, and organizational practices/processes as they relate to the fields of Ecofeminism, Women’s Studies, Gender Studies, LGBTQ Studies, and Sexuality Studies, especially as they as they intersect with such areas as: Ethnic Studies, Disability Studies, International Studies, Poverty Studies, Peace Studies, and Environmental and/or Sustainability Studies, and other inter-disciplines.