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Gender Spectrum Conference
Dates: July 11-12, 2015
Location: Moraga, California
The Gender Spectrum Conference is an opportunity for youth and families to spend a weekend gaining the resources, information, and community needed to help young people effectively navigate their world.

Gender Odyssey
Date: August 20-23, 2015
Location: Seattle, Washington
This is an international conference focused on the needs and interests of transgender and gender-nonconforming people. Packed with thought-provoking workshops, discussion groups, social events and entertainment, this one-of-a-kind annual gathering attracts people from all over the world for an uplifting weekend of skill sharing and community in Seattle, USA.

A Critical Movement: Sex/Gender Research at the Intersection of Culture, Brain, & Behavior
Date: October 23-24, 2015
Location: Los Angeles, California
This conference occurs at a critical juncture in sex/gender research in neuroscience, anthropology, psychology, and related disciplines. We will consider three sex/gender questions: why now? what’s fixed/changing/changeable? what’s at stake?

The WIN Global Summit
Date: September 30-October 1, 2015
Location: New York City, New York
The 2015 WIN Summit brings together professional women from every industry around the world to discuss the art of negotiating as a means to the end of gender inequality in the workplace.

IWIC 2016: Transforming Women’s World with Complex Messages
Date: February 12-13, 2016
Location: Orlando, Florida
This conference will foster the discussion of global issues affecting women directly or indirectly.

2nd Annual World Conference on Women’s Studies
Date: May 5-7, 2016
Location: New York, New York
The TIIKM’s 2nd Annual World Conference on Women’s Studies 2016 will be held on 5-7 May 2016 in New York, United States under the theme of empowering next generation women and girls. In particular, discussions will focus on “Empowering Next Generations of Women and Girls” by increasing education, decision making power, and securing rights and opportunities for women and girls worldwide.






Discrimination Free Zone Campaign
“We aim to end discrimination against any individuals or groups of people based on race, color, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, age, or disability through the creation of Discrimination Free Zones throughout the world. These Discrimination Free Zones are always peaceful, and they inform others that discrimination will be offensive to us and that we will not participate in any actions in which such sentiments are included.”


Gender Spectrum
Gender Spectrum offers training to schools, families, and organizations in helping them to understand the development of gender identity in children and teens.

Human Sexuality Training: Comfort, Attitude and Values Evaluation (CAVE) 
CAVE is a human sexuality training program for students, professionals in health care, counselling, education, and social services fields, parents, and other individuals seeking enhanced personal relationships. The goal is to provide individuals and professionals with an opportunity to build awareness, comfort, confidence, and competence by exploring their values and gaining the knowledge required to talk about sexuality in an unbiased, non-judgmental, knowledgeable, and inclusive manner. 

Nirantar offers gender  trainings as well as sexuality  trainings to NGOs, educational institutions, community-level organisations, LGBT groups, governmental programmes, etc. The trainings seek to link concepts related to gender and sexuality with the personal experiences of the participants as well as the work that the organizations are engaged with. In addition to trainings, Nirantar also conducts workshops and as well as courses on issues of gender as well as on sexuality. While Nirantar sees issues of gender and sexuality as being interlinked, we also believe that they also have their own specificity that needs to be engaged with. Hence there are separate trainings on gender and separate trainings on sexuality that are offered.

Understanding and Managing Gay and Transgender Issues in the Workplace
A four part series from renowned diversity trainer Brian McNaught with a facilitator’s guide, available for purchase on DVD. This presentation seeks to build bridges of understanding on gay and transgender issues in the workplace, and to make allies of all employees in the company’s goal of empowering a diverse workforce. It captures renowned presenter Brian McNaught at his very best with an audience of corporate employees who enthusiastically respond to him and the pertinent information and personal perspective he offers.