Genders & Sexualities

The liberation of our genders, our sexualities and our visions for justice are often severely constricted by the massive projects of male supremacy and heterosexism. Intellectual and activist resistance toward a gender just world in which all genders and sexualities emerge in vibrant, affirming community fuel critical movements for justice around the globe.

Good Cop? Bad Cop? No Cop! Queer Resistance to Policing

By Therese Quinn and Erica R. Meiners | Windy City Times

Mattachine Midwest Newspaper, October 1965, Vol. No. 4, p. 3 (Photo credit: Windy City Times)

With the release of the tape of the police execution of seven-teen year old Laquan McDonald, police reform is again in the air in Chicago. Many activists and community members have asserted that police violence is neither new nor can it be solved with “more and better” policing. (more…)

Lioness of Lisabi: A Black Girl Power Story

by Stephanie Shonekan, Art, Music, and Pop Culture, Contributing Editor Reverberations of the assertion that Black Lives Matter have been heard and felt across the nation, on our street corners and in our communities, on college campuses, and in media … Continue reading

State of Emergency, State of Resilience

By Cookie Woolner This past summer, transgender actress and activist Laverne Cox declared a “state of emergency” due to the increasing number of murders of transgender women. By August of 2015, the total number of women killed (21 known cases … Continue reading

Nurturing Resilience: Doula Care

By Jax Lee Gardner We’ve been at this for eighteen hours now. She’s finally pushing; she’s covered in sweat; she’s been vomiting; she’s completely exhausted; and she’s looking to me during each contraction. And I’m right there with her. I’m … Continue reading

Girl, Interrupted

By Denise Miller There are some days I don’t feel like a woman. Actually, most days I don’t even feel like a girl. I know these breasts and hips are mine, but there are times I completely miss them. Miss … Continue reading

Bodies for Bullets

By Denise Miller Author’s note: I wrote this poem to highlight the continued and deadly disregard for female bodies and brown bodies. The italicized sections however have been taken directly from the Declaration of Independence. Please feel free to add … Continue reading

Sex Work, Leadership and Trans Self-Determination

By Jaime Grant, Contributing Editor, Genders and Sexuality Editor’s note: Desiree Alliance’s decision to boycott the 2014 International AIDS Conference in Melbourne, Australia prompted the writing of this piece. Desiree Alliance is a coalition of sex workers, health professionals, social … Continue reading