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Environment, Food, & Sustainability Events



Closing the Hunger Gap
Date: 13-16 Sep, 2015
Location: Portland, OR
Join food banks, farms, and organizations focused on health, education, and food justice for three days of critical discussion and action planning towards ending hunger and cultivating a more just food system. Enjoy skill-building courses, engaging speakers, field trips to community food system innovators, and fantastic local food while sharing resources and making connections with anti-hunger and food justice advocates.

Growing Food and Justice for All Initiative 2015 Gathering
Date: 25-27 Sep, 2015
Location: Chicago, IL
Details TBA. GFJI’s Mission:  The Growing Food and Justice for All Initiative is a new initiative aimed at dismantling racism and empowering low-income and communities of color through sustainable and local agriculture. This comprehensive network views dismantling racism as a core principal which brings together social change agents from diverse sectors working to bring about new, healthy and sustainable food systems and supporting and building multicultural leadership in impoverished communities throughout the world.

Twelfth International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic, & Social Sustainability
Host: On Sustainability
When: January 21-23, 2016
Where: Portland State University
“With more than 50% of the global population living in urban or urbanizing areas, developing and recognizing urban models of sustainability have become imperative. In the search for solutions many urban centers struggle with the full inclusion of their indigenous, immigrant and marginalized populations in policy solutions and implementation. As we envision sustainable development in cities and strive for livable futures, being intentional about inclusion is critical. A future with sustainable cities requires initiatives that grow from the nexus of social, economic, cultural, and environmental research and policy development and implementation.”





Toxics  Reform
Our nation’s toxic chemicals policy has been broken for 39 years. Now, there are two competing bills in the Senate to update it: one that protects you (introduced by Sens. Boxer and Markey), and one that protects the chemical industry (introduced by Sens. Udall and Vitter).