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No set of issues is more vital today than climate change and access to clean water, healthy foods and fertile land. Nature in all of its bounty is being sequestered at an unprecedented rate, creating life-threatening borders between greed and need. What does a just and sustainable future look like?

Freedom Dreams and the Urgency of Decolonized Racial, Food, and Environmental Justice

By Dara Cooper, Contributing Editor, Environment, Food, and Sustainability

* This post is in honor of freedom fighter Yuri Kochiyama. May she rest in peace and power.

“I want to first acknowledge that this conference is taking place on colonized land,” said Dr. Angela Y. Davis as she began her remarks at the Freedom Dreams Freedom Now conference hosted by the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Social Justice Initiative. This conference, co-sponsored by the Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership and others, commemorated the 50th anniversary of Freedom Summer by asking participants to explore what freedom is.

Dr. Davis noted that one of her freedom dreams is: “…for us to develop what food justice activists call ‘a deep sense of place.’ That whatever we do, we never allow ourselves to forget the lasting effects of settler colonialism and its genocidal violence on the original inhabitants of this land.”

Later, she encouraged us to “learn how to eat consciously, to understand the implications of how we eat, to take care of our bodies and our spirits.” (more…)

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