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No set of issues is more vital today than climate change and access to clean water, healthy foods and fertile land. Nature in all of its bounty is being sequestered at an unprecedented rate, creating life-threatening borders between greed and need. What does a just and sustainable future look like?

African Solutions to Climate Change: Zambian Youth Activist Jack Kafwanka Breaks It Down

By Dara Cooper, Contributing Editor, Environment, Food, and Sustainability

This post is dedicated to the fearless youth leaders who sacrificed their lives in the Soweto Uprising that began on June 16, 1976. Black South African high school students took to the streets to protest a decree that forced black schools to use Afrikaans (the language of the oppressor) as the medium for instruction. In South Africa June 16 is now a public holiday, Youth Day, in commemoration of the youth uprising in 1976. May we continue to look to and support young people’s leadership, fearlessness and revolutionary energy.

This spring, when I visited South Africa, I learned about mass protests in Soweto over proposed increases in the cost of electricity. Anticipating rates that would triple their electric bills – in Soweto most bills would be more than what people pay for rent, residents expressed their outrage by taking to the streets.  Reading and hearing about the vicious police response to protestors, made me think about our international movement for liberation and our demand for basic human rights and dignity. What will it take for us to achieve full liberation, live with dignity and have our basic human rights met? Although South Africa witnessed the historical fall of apartheid, the affects of apartheid are still intact and massive wealth inequity remains rampant. Consequently, South Africans are still protesting and demanding the most basic of human rights. (more…)

Jackson, Mississippi is Rising: An Interview with Organizer Kali Akuno on Sustainability, Race, Class and Solidarity Economics

By Dara Cooper, Contributing Editor, Environment, Food, & Sustainability Contributing Editor’s Note: “Doing alternative economics was dangerous. Especially in the south, you could get lynched, your stuff could get burned. Why? Because you were being either too uppity by trying … Continue reading

Standing Our Ground

By Regina Stevens-Truss, Contributing Editor, Science and Social Justice When did we lose our humanity and accept circumstances in which we are allowed to say, “I have a right to be here and to prove that I’m going to shoot … Continue reading