Black Youth Project stages “die-in” at Chicago’s City Hall: A Photo Collage

Compiled by Alice Kim, Editor
Photos submitted by FM Supreme, Bill Ayers and Martha Biondi

To protest the decision by a Missouri grand jury not to charge Officer Darren Wilson for shooting and killing unarmed teen Michael Brown last August in Ferguson, Missouri, members of the Black Youth Project 100 (BYP 100) gathered outside of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office on the 5th floor of City Hall on Tuesday, November 25. All day long, the group led die-ins, chants, songs, education and healing circles then marched down Michigan Avenue and streets in the Loop for several hours into the evening.

Charlene Carruthers, BYP 100 National Coordinator, told the Chicago Tribune that the group wants Emanuel to take a leadership role in talking to other politicians “to stop being complicit in the destruction of black bodies.”

All over the country, there have been outpourings of protest, led by young people, in solidarity with all of the Mike Browns, Trayvon Martins, Rekia Boyds, and Marissa Alexanders.

As scholar and activist Robin D.G. Kelley says in his essay “Why We Won’t Wait“:

They remind us, not only that Black lives matter–that should be self evident–but that resistance matters. It matters because we are still grappling with the consequences of settler colonialism, racial capitalism and patriarchy.

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