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Black Social Movements

Black social movements consistently challenge the marginalization of communities of African descent. In the process of contesting the legitimacy and consequences of physical terror, economic exploitation and cultural misappropriation endured by their communities, social movements throughout the African diaspora have created many of the philosophies, repertoires of collective action and aesthetic traditions that lay at the core of our understanding, and imagination, of black life and political dissent. As this course unfolds, we will closely examine the work of two historical social movements in the African diaspora, Black Power and African Liberation, which envisioned freedom, justice and self-determination for black communities. We will learn about the ideas, tactics and legacies of these movements by conducting interviews with Black Power and African Liberation activists. In addition, we will evaluate the work of black social movements that are currently organizing in their communities. Through our research, readings and class discussions, we will interrogate both the iconography and vilification of black social movements and their impact on race and politics in the present-day.

Dr. Robin J. Hayes
Loyola University

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