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Trinley Dorje


Artist Biography

Trinley Dorje is a self-taught, mixed media, collage artist based in Toronto. Her artworks are visual anthropological explorations of the human experience which are inspired by her previous education in anthropology and her current career in healthcare. Her artwork has been shown in Canada, the United States, Netherlands, Sweden and Ireland. She has been featured on CBC Arts: Exhibitionist TV Series and has been published in magazines, medical journals and on book covers. Her artworks are included in the permanent collections of Toronto General Hospital, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin, Ireland.

For more of her work, go to her website

Follow her work on social media @tdorjeart on both instagram and twitter

Artist Statement

Societal and cultural standards of physical perfection are all around us. Class status, ideals of beauty, unrealistic body images, sexist, racist and gendered standards are what’s on view for the world to see. Television, advertisements and social media add fire to this storm of superficial beauty. It is a narrow and delusional ideal of the human form which often fosters discrimination and oppression. This false reality of perceived physical perfection is largely unattainable by most and may have detrimental physical and mental effects on those seeking to attain it.

Trinley Dorje’s creative process stems from a desire to even the playing field by bringing our internal biological world to the forefront. In depicting our inner anatomical components in her art, the prejudices and stereotypes that are so commonly associated with external traits can be transcended. Her aim is to strip away societal biases based on exterior level physical traits which can then allow the viewer of her art to openly negotiate the emotional and gendered meanings of the human body. She mixes human anatomy with botanical, animal, universal and pop culture elements to tell visual stories of the human experience and to display the impact human technological advancement has had on our environment. She hopes her art will encourage discussion around racial, gender, and sexual biases and provide an opportunity for reflection into the importance of humans taking responsibility for their place on the Earth.

Living Heart
Beating Blossoms
Botanical Man

The Confidence of Fragility