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Rawand Issa

Rawand Issa: Illustrator and Writer based in Beirut – Lebanon.
Born in 1992, she worked as a writer for 5 years in the local journalistic field, before switching into Illustration and comic making in 2015. Without any collaboration with publishing houses or any commitment to the rules of the ‎market, Rawand Issa published her first illustration Zine “Mish Min El Marikh/Not from Mars”.

‎“Not from Mars” talks about relatable personal situations. They are common to many of us ‎insofar as the personal is always in one way or another also political and thus public.

At the time, she works as a freelance illustrator, besides a day-time job in Communication and Design.

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Bright colored comic of two figures kissing with lights wrapped around them
Comic of a half person half tank
Comic of face with a snake wrapped around neck into figure's eye
Four square comic, first with two figures kissing, second a mouth, third figure with bloodied mouth, and fourth with figures kissing with bloodied mouths
Eat My flesh
Comic of figure inside of a suitcase