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Mujer Muralista

Mujer Muralista is a Mestiza-Native American artist and global muralist. She taught her self to paint as a teenager and it continues to serve as her resilience. As a survivor of sexual abuse, rape and gang affiliation Mujer Muralista utilized her art to free herself from trauma. Most recently she began the Do You See Me Movement in 2015, an interactive project that reclaims the narrative for women of color through mural activism worldwide. When she is not facilitating mural workshops for the do you see me movement, she is teaching art at Life Learning Academy in San Francisco. Mujer Muralista is happy to serve her global community with her art. She was quoted in Stanford’s artist of the week as saying “I wish for all who dream big to just go for it as well! No matter how seemingly unattainable –if it can help a lot of people– it’s worth it. Always worth the risk.” Mujer Muralista lives in sunny Oakland, California with her husband.

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