Amplified Voices from an Unequal Platform

Over the past decade lesbians, gays, trans and intersex persons in Africa have experienced high levels human rights abuses. Some of these abuses are committed by the State, which deny us the right to education, health care, bodily safety, freedom to express and associate. We face humiliation, victimization, which often leads to death and trauma. Homophobia and transphobia is everywhere in the world, but never has it been so vocally advocated as in Africa, by state presidents, religious leaders and ordinary citizens. This is most evident within Southern Africa, as Iranti-Org documents and reports on these abuses in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Zambia. Iranti-Org is an African collective comprised of LGBTI activists. We are a collective of media advocates who use media tools and platforms such as an online space or a face to face spaces to advocate for the rights of LGBTI persons. We can longer live in fear, hidden and silent. As a collective we are amplifying our voices through our media advocacy actions.

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