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Devils, Saints, and Denmark Vesey

Repost from the Huffington Post.

On February 15, the city of Charleston, South Carolina unveiled a long-overdue monument to one of its most controversial historical figures. In scenic Hampton Park on the upper part of the peninsula, crowds gathered under the majestic oak trees to catch a first glimpse of a monument to Denmark Vesey, a former slave accused of plotting a massive slave revolt in 1822. Vesey, who purchased his freedom in 1800 with lottery winnings, allegedly organized Charleston’s slave population to rise up against the planter class and reclaim the city for the exploited and oppressed. When rumors of the insurrection leaked, Vesey and over thirty of his co-conspirators were interrogated and, ultimately, executed for their alleged participation in a plot to overthrow the institution of slavery. Read more at Huffington Post’s website.

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