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Morgan Mahdavi
Program Coordinator
Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership

Single-Payer Or Bust

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

By Michelle Lugalia-Hollon, Contributing Editor, Global Health

Universal government-funded health insurance goes as far back in history as 1883. Developed countries such as Germany, Sweden, Britain and Norway began providing some form of universal health insurance to citizens as early as the 19th century. According to Physicians for a National Health Plan, a single issue organization advocating for a universal, comprehensive single-payer national health program, the main reason that these health insurance programs were established was to protect citizens against wage loss during sickness and to win their political favor. Like today, these programs were highly politicized, but back then it was for very different reasons. Even though universal health care is considered a left-wing ideal today, in the 19th century, the conservative British and German working class heavily supported these programs to counter the growth of socialist and labor parties. Continue reading →

Invisible People: The Rights of “Temporary Foreign Workers”

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

By Sarah Duggan

The first time Alberto Mendoza-Galina[1], a journalist and producer of independent video documentaries, became involved in the lives of temporary foreign workers (TFW) working in Canada was when he ran into them, accidently, at the Vancouver airport. “It was just luck, because they’re so invisible, nobody knows they’re here.”

TFWs have been coming to British Columbia (BC) to work in agriculture since 2004, the year that the Seasonal Agriculture Workers Program[2] (SAWP) was introduced to the province. Yet to this day, many Canadian consumers are not aware of the connection between local produce and the lives of these migrants. Although it has become more commonly known “where” our food is grown, “who” grows our food still remains virtually unknown. Continue reading →

In Honor of Our Dead: Queer, Trans, Muslim, Black — We Will Be Free

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Repost from Black Lives Matter

It is with pain and heartache that the Black Lives Matter Network extends love, light, protection, and abundance to our family in Orlando, Florida. We love you. Black people are a diverse community, and though the hate-filled rhetoric of the conservative right is currently trying to pit us against our kin — we will always stand with all the parts of ourselves. Today, Queer, Latinx, and Muslim family, we lift you up. Continue reading →

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