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Bailey Mead
Managing Editor
Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership

In Search of Tupac: Expectations of All Eyez On Me

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

By Stephanie Shonekan, Art, Music, and Pop Culture Contributing Editor

Not since Ray has a biopic done justice to a beloved African American artist. As a genre, the musical biopic is challenging because it has to tell the story of an artist’s life and her/his art, keeping a careful balance between both. The biopic must stay true to the life and times of the individual against the backdrop of a historical and cultural context. More than that, a biopic has the burden of satisfying the voracious needs of a loyal fan base for whom this story means so much. Simply put, it must be told right. Continue reading →

Conserving Hatred: Global White Supremacist Memory and Movement

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

By William C. Anderson

The Confederate memorials throughout the South have been a regular eyesore for Black people for too long. Before Dylann Roof’s massacre in Charleston, I had always thought their removal was extremely unlikely. Now that some locations in the South are finally ridding themselves of these symbols of white supremacy, the pushback against their removal raises questions about what they really represent. This conflict is about more than how we remember history and it’s about more than the preservation of Confederate memorials. It seems that for defenders of these memorials, taking down the statues is a concession of sorts that whiteness is no longer valued above all else. Ultimately, the attempt to preserve these memorials is about preserving ideological whiteness and white supremacy. Continue reading →

Spotlighting Cruelty of Trump’s Muslim Ban, World Embraces #BannedGrandmas

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

By Jake JohnsonCommon Dreams

A viral Instagram account shows who Trump’s travel ban is “actually keeping out.” Continue reading →

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