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Morgan Mahdavi
Program Coordinator
Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership

Lioness of Lisabi: A Black Girl Power Story

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

by Stephanie Shonekan, Art, Music, and Pop Culture, Contributing Editor

Reverberations of the assertion that Black Lives Matter have been heard and felt across the nation, on our street corners and in our communities, on college campuses, and in media coverage of global tragedies. What has become clear in much of the backlash against this groundswell is that the idea of a human hierarchy is a well-loved and fiercely preserved mentality that is sometimes couched in religion, capitalism, patriotism and imperialism. Continue reading →

State of Emergency, State of Resilience

Thursday, November 19, 2015

By Cookie Woolner

Artwork by Rommy Torrico for TransLatin@ Coalition

This past summer, transgender actress and activist Laverne Cox declared a “state of emergency” due to the increasing number of murders of transgender women. By August of 2015, the total number of women killed (21 known cases at press time) had surpassed the total for all of 2014. While women such as Cox, Janet Mock, and Caitlyn Jenner have made unsurpassed recent headway in bringing trans issues into mainstream America, this visibility has been accompanied by devastating levels of violence. “Right now we’re experiencing a Dickensian time, where it’s the best of times and it’s the worst of times at once,” says transgender rights advocate Masen Davis, who formerly ran the Transgender Law Center. Continue reading →

Confronting Anti-Blackness at Mizzou

By William C. Anderson, Race, Class and Immigration, Contributing Editor

Students at Mizzou (Photo credit: Stephanie Shonekan)

Around the country, Black students on college campuses have captured the nation’s attention and imagination with their determined protests against institutional racism. The University of Missouri, or Mizzou, has been embroiled in an ongoing and growing student movement that led to the resignation of the school’s president, Tim Wolfe. Continue reading →

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