K History Professor Will Deliver Public Lecture in Berlin

David Barclay, History, will deliver a public lecture at the Free University of Berlin. The title of his talk is “Old Glory und Berliner Baer: Die USA und West-Berlin 1948-1994 [Old Glory and the Bear of Berlin: The USA and West Berlin 1948-1994].” The event commemorates the collaboration of the German Studies Association (GSA) with the Free University and also the 50th anniversary of the famous “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech by President John F. Kennedy. Barclay is the executive director of GSA. He will be introduced by Elke Loeschhorn, director of international programs at the Free University, and by Professor Harald Wenzel from the John F. Kennedy Institute of American Studies at the Free University. Barclay’s talk will be moderated by Professor Andreas Etges of the America Institute at the University of Munich. Commentary on the talk will be provided by Walter Momper, mayor of Berlin when the Berlin Wall fell in 1989; Professor Dorothee Brantz of the Technical University of Berlin and director of its Center for Metropolitan Studies; and Dr. Klaus Dettmer of the Landesarchiv Berlin (Berlin State Archives).