A First-Class Large Class

The Kalamazoo College class of 2017 is coming this fall and it is the most numerous class the College has ever seen: 463 strong! And no member of the class has changed his or her mind about coming so far—a phenomenon known as “summer melt,” which is usually in process by this time of the summer.

Most of the incoming class comes from Michigan, but 30 percent come from out of state. And 34 international students are heading here from around the world to study at K! The College’s international student body has been rising at a steady rate for several years.

And 2017 a first-class large class. More than 400 of its members volunteer for worthy causes. When they are not volunteering they are busy in sports, choir, band, and the National Honor Society, among other activities.

At least 150 of the incoming students played one or more sports; 129 were the captains of a sports team.

If you can’t move your feet, you can at least go with the beat—171 reported to be in band or choir.

And 190 are members of the National Honors Society. Not surprising given the class’ average GPA and ACT scores are 3.58 and 29, respectively.

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