Career and Professional Development

When they think about the move from college to work or graduate study, students usually ask three questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What kinds of careers best fit who I am?
  • How can I get there from here?

These inquiries drive K’s approach to helping our students. Our model includes identification of pathways; hands-on experiences (such as externships and internships); and transition assistance. Our team assists students one-on-one and in workshops, first to ask the right questions and then to find the right answers. Our approach is uncommon and yields information and experience customized and useful to each student.

Because life is not a straight line…

Students discover creative combinations: like the physics major with a passion for music who found a career as an acoustic design professional, or the chemistry and art history double major who loves her work as an art conservator.

Students find their homes in the world of work through a series of career-related immersive field experiences, including our nationally known Discovery Externship Program. An Externship offers the same benefits as an internship in a shorter time. Students live with K alumni for one to four weeks and explore a career. This program has helped many students make decisions about their career paths and build networks.

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