Students Out of Work Raise Concerns

By Mireya Guzman-Ortiz and Viola Brown, Contributors

Left: Sophomores Edwin Salvatierra and Steven Sexton working for Facilities Management through work-study. Salvatierra works three-hour shifts. Sexton just began his work with FacMan. (Photo by Allison Tinsey)

Considering the large number of incoming first-years, questions have been raised regarding how Kalamazoo College has prepared for such an influx. Concerns have been raised regarding the availability of on-campus employment for those who are work-study eligible.

The Provost urged departments to add more employment opportunities if possible, citing that this should provide more than enough jobs for the students who are work-study eligible.

In past years the percent of students eligible for federal work-study was around 40-45 percent. According to Marian Stowers, Director of Financial Aid, this has not changed much. For the 2013-2014 school year, it sits at 41 percent.

With a high percentage of students eligible for work-study, K has made a visible effort to broaden the employment opportunities for students. This year there have been more than 580 hire requests directed toward the Human Resource Office, all coming from different departments across campus.

According to Joan Hawxhurst, the Director for the Center for Career and Professional Development, “Many campus employers are still in the hiring process, so there a lot of openings still being filled.”

Neither Stowers nor Hawxhurst has heard any concerns about the lack of jobs on campus. Such concerns should be announced to the Business Office. According to Hauxhurst, “…their frontline staff said they have not received more inquiries or frustrations from students.” This suggests that there are enough jobs to go around.

However, with this being only the third week, there is still a possibility that the unemployment rates on campus are bound to rise. Hawxhurst plans to “wait it out a little bit longer to find out if we have any issues on campus.”