Channel 22 Now Accessible for Online Streaming

By Sarah Wallace, A & E Editor

From its launch three years ago, Kalamazoo College’s cable channel, Channel 22, will likely be rapidly broadening its viewers. Funded by the Office of Student Involvement (OSI), Channel 22 plans to become available to students online.

Channel 22 is a continuously running movie channel for any student on campus with a television connected to K’s cable. The website works similarly to a Netflix account, minus any additional fees. With plenty of genres to choose from including comedy or drama, it’’s simple to select a movie from recent ones that have played on Channel 22.

The Director of OSI, Brian Dietz, expects the new option will prove even more popular than its televised counterpart, since any student with a laptop and a Kalamazoo College ID address will be able to access it.

Replying to why online streaming for the channel is just becoming available now, Dietz said, “Well, because [streaming] became an option. K College is one of the first schools that have adopted this option for its students. The OSI is really excited about having this new expansion.”

The movies selected to play on Channel 22 have been determined by students since the channel was established. Each month, there are around ten movies that are added to the list of movies to select to stream online. Students can send movie suggestions to Christina Fritz via email at

OSI aims to have the channel’s website up and running by the week of October 7th.

Tech Support: How to Get the Wi-Fi Working for You

By Kamalaldin M. Kamalaldin and Raj Bhagat, Contributors

Even after ushering in an improved Wi-Fi configuration, Kalamazoo College still receives complaints regarding its on-campus internet connectivity.

The first difficulty students encounter is getting connected to the Wi-Fi. “The Wi-Fi login process is very confusing and cumbersome,” says Prachi Goyal ’17. “I wish they helped us with it during orientation.”

In regards to this issue, there is very little the College or anyone can do. Built in a metropolitan area, “K College must provide students and staff protection against outsiders,” cites Greg Diment, Chief Information Officer at K. “K’s security system insures that devices have the proper anti-virus before connecting them to the network.”

To allay the issue, the College is trying to make the Wi-Fi password more accessible to students by streamlining the verification process.

Another major complaint is the performance of the Wi-Fi. “Sometimes, when I’m trying to play a game online, I get horrible connection and that ruins the entire experience,” remarks Andrew Buisson ’17.

Although the Wi-Fi may be lethargic, the performance is nothing that can’t be remedied. Students typically don’t exceed 200 mbps in usage at any given time. The school’s upgraded internet usage ceiling this year is 240 mbps.

There are brief peaks that exceed 240 mbps, but the students’ use of the internet remains below estimates. “Plugging a computer to the Ethernet port will always provide a faster connection than Wi-Fi,” says Diment.

A second helpful technique is to simply avoid high internet traffic. Data usage peaks between 10:00pm and 1:00am, and between 8:00am and 12:00pm.