K-Team Builds a Workout Community

By Mallika Mitra, Features Editor

Kaitlyn Perkins ’17 sprints during a cardio workout. (Photos by Mallika Mitra)

K Team begins their abdominal workout.

Founders of K Team, Charlotte Steele ‘13 and Kari Paine ’13.

“30 more seconds!”, “You can do it,” and “One more sprint!” can all be heard on most weekdays coming from the patio outside of the Anderson Athletic Center before the day’s classes have even started.

This is “K Team”, a newly formed workout group open to anyone on campus who is looking to work out in a supportive environment.

Over the summer, Charlotte Steele ’13 and Kari Paine ’13 founded “K Team”. According to Steele, both of the founders were on sports teams in high school and now miss having to be accountable to push themselves.

“When you’re not doing a sport, it’s so easy to get into a rut,” said Paine. In regard to exercising with others again, she enjoys “making a community out of it.”

Over the summer, Steele and Paine were working out a lot and realized that their knowledge of good workouts, along with other students’, could make a good regiment. They wanted to form a place where students could “push themselves physically.”

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you can find the K Team out on the patio outside of the Anderson Athletic center at 7:45 am. Led by Paine and Steele, the group of about twelve, including both males and females, goes through several cardio workouts, sometimes similar to CrossFit, and ends with an abdominal workout. According to Paine, they understand that everyone is coming in with different levels of physical ability, but want everyone to feel pushed.

“K Team was a great way for me to start a fun workout routine,” said Annalise Robinson ’17. “I love that you can modify any move that you want, and everyone who goes is really great!”

For more information on K Team or to read what exercises the group does during their workout, follow them on Twitter at @the_Kteam.