Week of Wellness

By Justina Kilumelume

Prizes for students provided by local vendors, the Health Center, and the Bookstore.

A representative for Gazelle Sports displayed her wares at the Wellness Fair.

Lindsey Koenig ''14 represents S3A. Students were asked to write down why they stand with supervisors of sexual assault as a part of a new campaign headed by the group.

Fourth week at Kalamazoo College was filled with activities for the Week Of Wellness (WOW), an annual wellness program at K.

The Week of Wellness is a program organized by the Health Center and the Counseling Center in order to remind faculty and students about the importance of wellness, as well as help students cope with midterm stress and get through the cold winter months.

Among the many events were cardio and strengthening-intensive workouts with the K Team, the Wellness Fair, and the weekly Community Reflection.

The main goal of WOW is to remind the K community that there are many components to achieving wellness.

“Most people think that if they are not sick, then they are well. But health means more than that,” said Jenifer Combes, the Office Coordinator of Student Health and Counseling Centers.

“It includes physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, interpersonal, social, and environmental well-being.”

The Wellness Fair included different stations with information about healthy practices and resources. There was also information on health services and resources located both on-campus and off-campus for the K community.

The tables included Seasonal Affective Disorder lights from the library, snacks and a nutritionist from Kalamazoo College Dining Services, and representatives from the Counseling Center, S3A, Gazelle Sports, Sol Spring Spa and Wellness Center, Austrins Family Dentistry, People’s Food Co-op, and Walgreens.

Some students who took part in the raffle left with prizes such as sleds, workout videos, and Kalamazoo College merchandise.

Kalamazoo College Peer Health Advocates, who presented different ways we can improve the different aspects of our health, sponsored the Community Reflection last Friday.

Among the many points expressed was the importance of humor, reducing stress levels, and having a willingness to let things go and accept that not everything is in your control. The speech also emphasized the importance of a supportive community and family who can help in our efforts to achieve wellness.

In a presentation, one of the Peer Health Advocates, Roderick Vogel ’16, admitted that it’s not easy for people to make all these changes on their own, but lessons they learn can be “applied over time and with patience and determination we can create a healthier community of our own in Kalamazoo.”

The Community Reflection was to help people walk away feeling more knowledgeable about overall physical, mental, and emotional health so that they can better themselves and those around them.