The Index Staff

Our staff is comprised of a diverse group of ladies and gentlemen hailing from all walks of life, academic interests, and skill sets. We welcome all those with creative approaches to journalism and unquenchable curiosity. We are always in need of writers, photographers, copy-editors, those with experience using inDesign, and advertisement sales representatives. Meetings are on Sundays at 8:00pm in Hicks Room 116 – the Student Publications Office. All editorial staff positions require submission of an application in the spring.

Editorial Staff 2013-2014

Editor-in-Chief – Allison Tinsey, K’14

Business Manager – Ogden Wright, K’16

Layout Editor – Reynaldo Hernandez, K’16

Web Editor – Clare Lee, K’16

News Editor – Katie Schmitz, K’16

Features Editor – Mallika Mitra, K’16

Arts and Entertainment Editor – Sarah Wallace, K’16

Opinions Editor – Emily Pizza, K’16

Sports Editor – Daniel Herrick, K’14

Head Copy Editor – Francesca DeAnda, K’14


Applications for the 2014-2015 Editorial Staff are now open. The application can be found here: