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Crystal Ball’s Waning Impact

Debate: First-year students Danielle Gin, Christine Cho, Malavika Rao, Celeste Nosow, and Taylor Miles dress up for K''s annual Crystal Ball event.

The once highly anticipated event is now viewed as unconstructive By Trisha Dunham and Neeha Mian On Saturday, May 10, Kaleidoscope and the Office of Student Involvement (OSI) hosted Crystal Ball in Anderson Athletic Center. The event showcased the campus’ wide support for the LGBTQA community by encouraging students to experiment with gender performance and [...]

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Photo of the Week

Victorious: The Kalamzoo College Men''s Tennis Team clinches their 76th MIAA Championship.

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Dr. Reid Gomez fields questions at dinner

By Reynaldo Hernandez A diverse crowd of almost 60 people; from students to faculty, humanities to sciences, gathered together for an evening of dinner and conversation hosted by the Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership on April 23. Mellon Visiting Assistant Professor Dr. Reid Gómez, who hails from the San Francisco Bay Area with a [...]

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Poet Highlights LGBT Issues Through Poetry, Documentary

By Sarah Wallace The band King Median, composed of Kalamazoo students, introduced the poet Natasha Miller to Kalamazoo College’s Recital Hall last Friday at 7:30 pm. They were expected to play one or two songs, but entertained the audience further due to Miller’s traffic delay. Though Miller’s entrance was setback, it was worth the wait. [...]

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Model UN Travels to Chicago

MUN participants at the Palmer House where the event was held

By Trisha Dunham After K’s Model United Nations received their initial denial from Student Commission regarding their budget proposal for their University of Chicago conference, they went back the following week and were granted a lesser amount. They initially requested $6,000, but the following week received $5,000 after their second request. Before their departure, they [...]

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How E books Overcome the Cost of Printed Books

Upjohn Library hopes to provide a wider and more accessible selection to K students By Kamalaldin M. Kamalaldin Upjohn Library Commons has been increasingly purchasing eBooks for the past eight years. The library’s eBook collection begun with the state of Michigan’s purchase of two big eBook collections: ebrary Academic Complete and EBSCOhost. Alone, those two [...]

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TalK-Zoo Holds Debate

Debate: (From left to right) Dr.Bill Kern, Brandt Iden ''05, Dr. Max Cherem, Maddie Hume ''16, Amanda Johnson ''17, Dr. Dale Belman, and Meredith Quinlan ''12.

By Mallika Mitra   On Wednesday, April 23 at 7:00 p.m., TalK-Zoo held their first event as a new student group on campus. Maddie Hume ’16 and Amanda Johnson ’17, two of the three students who have started the group, which is based on Intelligence Squared, opened the event entitled “Raise the Minimum Wage?” and [...]

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Library Updates To Foster Better Environments

By Trisha Dunham When Kalamazoo College’s Upjohn Library Commons was initially renovated and reopened in 2006, Library Director Stacy Nowicki was unsure what exactly the students would desire in terms of study areas. Since the previous library was used so infrequently, she had a difficult time predicting how to fill the space, so most of [...]

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Outside Researchers Want Greater Access to SIPS

By Kamalaldin M. Kamalaldin Since 2007, the Upjohn Library Commons has utilized the College Academic and Historical Experience (CACHE) as the Kalamazoo College digital archive. The CACHE archive contains historical material relating to K as well as academic work done by K students and faculty. “Most of what we have, actually, are student Senior Individualized [...]

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TalK-Zoo Hosts First-Ever Event

By Mallika Mitra Maddie Hume ‘16, Alex Werder ‘15, and Amanda Johnson ‘17 have started TalK-Zoo, a new student-run initiative on campus. “We’ve noticed that K has this political culture and general social issue culture that tends to only talk about the left side of American issues or politics,” Hume said. “There’s not a lot [...]

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