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International Students: “How we heard about K”

By Olivia Nalugya  and Justina Kilumelume  There are several questions that international students encounter over and over again. One of these questions is “How did you hear about Kalamazoo College?” Some students find the question surprising because K has many different resources that attract international students. “It’s interesting that they are very surprised that I [...]

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The Most Trivial Trivia Night Ever

By Viola Brown  I’d like to begin with the fact that I really did try to participate in Trivia Night. Trivia Night is a new event that has recently started taking place in the Richardson Room, lovingly referred to as Stacks, in Hicks, every Thursday night at 8pm. The weekly trivia is on different aspects [...]

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Textbook Culture Change: Is saving money on books taking away from the value of a Kalamazoo College education?

Professor of French Dr.Jan Solberg, pictured above, chooses her textbooks with much consideration for the edition, content, and cost. Photo by Sarah Wallace

By Sarah Wallace Out of the many things that tuition covers at Kalamazoo College, buying textbooks is one of the only controllable expenses that students have that is crucial to the success of their education. Students frequently bemoan the high prices of textbooks they buy at the bookstore and many have strategies for paying less. [...]

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International Students Reflect on First Quarter at Kalamazoo College

By Justina Kilumelume and Olivia Nalugya Last fall, approximately 62 international students joined Kalamazoo College’s student body from various parts of the world, including Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and Europe. After roughly five months, many are happy and proud to look back on their journey. It is common knowledge that time moves quickly at K. [...]

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First Years Dive into Leadership with Emerge Retreat

First years being welcomed by OSI Graduate Intern Mark Campbell at the Emerge into Leadership Retreat this past weekend. (Photo provided by the Office of Stdudent Involvement)

By Viola Brown, Staff Writer Kalamazoo College started a new program for first year students entitled “Emerge into Leadership.” A group of 11 students attended with the goal of developing and strengthening their leadership skills, and to meet other emerging leaders on campus. The program was a weekend retreat that took place from Nov. 15-17 [...]

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K-Walking: StuWho? What do you know about Student Commission?

tudent Commissioners at their Fall Quarter retreat

By Ogden Wright, Business Manager At its final meeting, the Commission outlined its extensive list of accomplishments but most of the we asked could barely list any work done by the Commission, or even the role of StuComm on campus. Here are some of the excerpts from some of those conversations: “They do financial stuff [...]

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Who’s Getting Involved? Studies Show that Student Involvement is Essential to the College Experience

Seniors Grant Abrams and Chris Wachiralappaitoon take a break from their 9th week studies to play a quick game of ping pong in the Game Room. Studies have shown that campus involvement is as much a part of the college experience as academics. (Photo by Allison Tinsey)

By Justina Kilumelume, Staff Writer Studies have shown that student involvement in the campus community is vital to a successful college experience. Generally, smaller colleges like Kalamazoo College, tend to have higher percentages of student involvement because it is easier for students to find ways of getting involved. K allocates many resources to programs such [...]

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Letter to the Editor

Print is not dead yet according to Stacy Nowicki, Director of the Library

By Stacy Nowicki, Library Director When several library staff members showed me Emily Pizza’s opinion column “Print is Dead” in the November 6, 2013 edition of The Index, I think they all assumed I’d be upset. Actually, my first thought was: Awesome! Can we stop buying print books now? I don’t think that would go [...]

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Index Throwback: K’s One and Only Rhodes Scholar

ecky Gray (throwback)

By Katie Schmitz, News Editor According to the official website, “The Rhodes Scholarships are the oldest and most celebrated international fellowship awards in the world.” Ever since 1904, the Rhodes Trust has been paying for students from all over the world (including 32 students from the U.S.) to attend Oxford University and obtain degrees. Cecil [...]

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Index Throwback : Early 20th Century Stress and StuOrgs

The Gaynor Club for Women, 1907

Katie Schmitz, News Editor    It seems as though a favorite past time of Kalamazoo College students is to compare schedules to see who is managing to balance the most extracurricular activities. Our school is known for the high amounts of stress that many students feel.  This could be a product of many things, such as [...]

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