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Pining for Dining

Emily Pyne, the Dining Room Lead of Creative Dining at Kalamazoo College. Photo by Charlotte Steele

Emily Pyne, the Dining Room Lead of Kalamazoo College Dining Services, sat down for an interview with the Index By Charlotte Steele Index: When did you first know that you love working with food? EP: I started this job back when I was 17… I’m 29 years old now. I’ve actually been on-and-off with the [...]

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Light Up the Night

Fom left to right: Mikey Wecht ’14 (Chorus Leader), Madison Donoho ’17 (Eisenring), and Jack Massion ’14 (Biedermann) in a scene from The Firebugs. Costumes by Elaine Kauffman. Photo by Emily Salswedel ''16.

Press Release Edited by Sarah Wallace Festival Playhouse of Kalamazoo College’s invites you to its Winter Quarter production of The Firebugs by Max Frisch as a part of their 50th Anniversary Season. The play is directed by Nora Hauk ’04, who is currently working on her doctoral dissertation at the University of Michigan. She has [...]

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Exploring Philly With Sophie

Sophie Taylor-Havens ''16 and Katherine Rapin ''15 experience Philadelphia on study away.

Study Away is an alternative program to get off-campus for a quarter coordinated by the Center for International Programs. Here’s an inside look at Sophie Taylor-Havens experience in Philadelphia. By Mallika Mitra In her Sustainability Living Learning House, with a gray scarf tied fashionably around her neck and a journal recounting the experiences of her [...]

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Frozen Fun: Kalamazoo Outing Club Offers Free Snowshoe Rental

By Viola Brown Scrolling through the announcements on the Hornet Hive, you’ll find “FREE Snowshoe Rental” being offered by the Kalamazoo Outing Club (KOC). Students can rent the shoes free of cost by visiting the Outdoor Programs Office, also known to most as LandSea Office, which is located in the ground floor of Harmon Hall. [...]

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Mixing it Up

The Grainery Oatmeal dispenser in the Book Club. Photo taken by Charlotte Steele.

By Charlotte Steele Reflecting on the Changes of Campus Dining Although first years may not realize it, those that were around before Creative Dining Services will notice that they have given the student dining experience some real flare since their arrival on campus. To start, Kalamazoo College Dining Services is personable and attentive to the [...]

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Students then, Staff now

A photo of Greg Diment ''84 from the 1984 K Yearbook, The Boiling Pot. Photo courtesy of Greg Diment.

By Sarah Wallace Some traditions stay even  while the campus landmarks change. In these interviews faculty and staff alumni speak about K’s campus compared to when they walked the Quad. The College’s faculty and staff consists of over 45 Kalamazoo College Alumni. These professors, administrators, and staff shared their opinions about K’s campus changes since [...]

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Finding Peace through Silence

By Viola Brown A Reflection on the Silent Retreat Pulling up to a building, described by College Chaplain Liz Candido as “being like the Sound of Music with nuns coming out to sing,” I was kind of nervous about what I was about to embark on. I’ve never been silent for a whole day and [...]

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Behind the Scenes of Film-Making

Professor, Director, and Screen Writer Jeffery Wray

By Sarah Wallace   Jeff Wray, a professor at Michigan State University, spoke about his film career last Thursday at 4pm in Olds Upton as a director and screen writer. Wray’s humor and his interactive presentation kept the talk from feeling like a lecture, setting a very easy conversational tone. Throughout the hour long presentation, [...]

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International Student: Athletes on Campus

Christopher Francis’ 17 playing for the Kalamazoo College soccer team.

By Justina Kilumelume and Olivia Nalugya   On top of the regular academic stress and the struggle of adapting to a new environment, the decision to play a team sport can be difficult for an international student. “Those students who pursue involvement in sports are simply those who have the greater desire to do so,” [...]

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What’s Up in Welles?

General Manager of Kalamazoo College Dining Services James Chantanasombut

By Charlotte Steele   The Index: When did you first know that you loved food or were really interested in food? JC: When I was about 20 or 21, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. It just kind of hit me all at once that I’ve got kind of [...]

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