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Anti-Federalists Hoist Gadsden Flag

The Anti-Federalists pay a visit to the twenty-first century to hoist the Gasden Flag on the campus'''' flagpole

By Colin Smith A coalition of Anti-federalists hoisted up the Gadsden Flag on the Kalamazoo College flagpole two weeks ago. It read “Don’t Tread on Me,” and proudly displayed the iconic rattlesnake. These stalwart statesmen wax sealed a letter of grievances they sent via pigeon to the editor of The Index, voicing their opposition to [...]

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OSI Introduces “White Girl Wednesday” Event

Can''''t Even: Wind Down Wednesdays will undergo a #TransformationTuesday to become White Girl Wednesdays.  OSI recommends bringing your fave Starbucks fat-free latte and wearing yoga pants.

By Katie Schmitz In the recent weeks, the Office of Student Involvement (OSI) has noticed a decreased attendance rate of their weekly Wind Down Wednesdays. “Nobody comes anymore,” one representative from OSI stated. “No matter how many T-Shirts and tubes of paint we provide, nobody seems to want to spend their hump day unwinding with [...]

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The Invisible RA Patriarchy

By Viola Brown Every year at colleges all over the country many hopeful students apply to be residential assistants (RAs). Most do it for the free room, some do it so they could hook up with insecure underclassmen, others do it so they could sell meth in a peaceful environment without having to worry about [...]

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Buzzkill: New Study Abroad Sites Met with Growing Excitement

“Mom? I’m going to North Korea!” exclaimed Sarah Whitmore over the phone as she jumped up and down after receiving her study abroad acceptance letter. Whitmore and other sophomores are now preparing to embark on their semesters abroad. This year, there are three new programs beginning this year to add to the list of over [...]

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Rumors About Dow Science Confirmed, but Only Because Someone Actually Went Inside

By Emily Pizza Senior anthropology major Aaron Brown was looking for the Stowe Stadium tennis courts, sought for the fame and glory of the teams that play there, when he noticed another building: Dow Science Center. “I’d been here all four years, except when I went to Ecuador of course,” Brown said. “But I’ve never [...]

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BUZZKILL: The Meaning of Leadership

Not a Leader: After learning he would not recieve a Senior Leadership Award, Camilleri agreed with the college’s choice. “I’m not a leader. If I was, I’d be in charge of a major student organization” he said. “If only I was president of the Michigan College Democrats, or a commission of some sort.”


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BUZZKILL: Kalamazoo College buys Greenbriar Apartments

By Justina Kilumelume Kalamazoo College recently purchased Greenbriar Apartments in order to expand housing options. The College officially finalized the deal and plans to turn Greenbriar into a seventh dormitory last month. Greenbriar is located on Lovell St. and is a short ten-minute walk from campus and local convenience stores like the infamous Circle K [...]

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BUZZKILL: Health in Good Hands

By Mallika Mitra Although Kalamazoo College is saying goodbye to the “My Nurse” program, which allowed students to speak to a nurse when the health center was not open, a new resource is now available to students: “My K-Pre-Med-Student-In-Training.” This program allows you to put your lives in the hands of students, just like you. [...]

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BUZZKILL: Books to Bud

The bookstore will be replaced with a medical marijuana dispensary this spring as part of a collaborative student initiative By Allison Tinsey As reported in the Index earlier this quarter, the Kalamazoo College Bookstore is facing dwindling sales of textbooks as students turn to cheaper sources like Amazon to buy their books. “It seems silly [...]

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BUZZKILL: Students Gamble With Tuition

Hand over Fist: Students gamble away their tuition money at Kalamazoo College’s Annual Monte Carlo event. One student remarked “It’s my money, I’ll use it when I need it.”

McDonald: Attending Monte Carlo Means Taking a Gamble  By Sarah Wallace At 6:00 A.M., the Monday morning before the College’s yearly Monte Carlo event, masses of upset Kalamazoo students and parents crowded outside of the President’s Office. Their enraged outcries and snowball throwing were a result of the recent announcement about next year’s rise in [...]

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