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What a Wonderful World: A Night with the Kalamazoo Concert Band

By Camden Krusec [Contribution from Naked] This past Saturday evening at the Chenery Auditorium, patrons of the art community were treated to a free show by the Kalamazoo Concert Band (KCB). The band, thrillingly conducted by professor of music Dr. Thomas Evans, performed an assortment of theatrical and jazz-pop pieces such as Louie Armstrong’s 1967 [...]

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Innagural Poetry Festival Held on Campus

Pictured: Aracelis Girmay (Left) and Ilya Kaminsky (Right) both spoke at the poetry talk, which took place April 4 and 5.

Kalamazoo’s first poetry festival ran from Aprial 4-5, including a craft talk in the College’s Olmsted Room By Colin Smith Though a mid-sized city sitting between Chicago and Detroit, the Detroit Free Press declared Kalamazoo as a literary hotspot two weeks ago. With thriving writing programs at Kalamazoo College, Western Michigan University, and Kalamazoo Valley [...]

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Banjos, a Giant Dog, and Pale Ales: A Rupert’s Brew House Review

Happy Hour: The interior of Rupert’s Brew House on a friday night is buzzing with lively conversation.

By Colin Smith A Great Dane weighing at 197 lbs. greeted patrons at the door while a banjo-trombone-duo captivated their audience with a cover of Modest Mouse’s “Third Planet.” Celebrating its 100th batch of beer, Rupert’s Brew House released its newest brew, the “Batch #100” wheat beer, this past week. Nearly 90 years ago, this [...]

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Perpetually Improving: 98-Year-Old Pianist Performs in Dalton Theatre

Guest artist Frank Glazer, 98 year-old pianist who performed in the Kalamazoo College''''s Dalton Theater. (Photo provided by Kalamazoo College''''s website)

By Sarah Wallace, Arts and Entertainment Editor A single piano at center stage met the crowd’s eyes as they entered Dalton Theatre. This piano and performance artist Frank Glazer held the audience’s attention for nearly two hours. The ninety-eight year old pianist Glazer performed to Kalamazoo students, faculty, staff, and community members in Dalton Theatre [...]

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Alamo Drafthouse Opens Its First Michigan Cinema Downtown

By Justina Kilumelume, Contributor A new movie theatre will be opening in downtown Kalamazoo in just two weeks. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema announced last Thursday that the Cinema will open on Monday, Nov. 19, 2013. The movie theater, which was initially supposed to open this summer has been undergoing renovations since early this year and its [...]

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Dreaming Up A Dream Play

Alexander Ross ''17 as The Officer and Emma Franzel ''17 as The Daughter (Photo by Lanny Potts)

By Annah Freudenburg, Staff Writer This year Kalamazoo College’s Festival Playhouse celebrates its 50th anniversary. To commemorate 50 years of theatrical excellence and success, the Theater Department has lined up a wide array of productions. Leading this impressive list is August Strindberg’s A Dream Play. “All of the plays, as well as A Dream Play, [...]

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Jazz Band Performs Freddy Hubbard, an Excellent Performance

Tom Evans conducts the Jazz Band at this past Saturday''s performance. (Photo by Emily Pizza)

By Emily Pizza, Opinions Editor After only seven weeks of preparation, the Jazz Band played a concert in tribute to Freddie Hubbard last Saturday at 8pm in Dalton Theatre, celebrating his 75th birthday.  The band played an amazing concert, even with a band of almost all new members. Freddie Hubbard is known as one of [...]

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A Profile of Karen: The Illustrious Omelet Chef

By Graham Key, Staff Writer Chef Karen Kujawa is fearless because she has to be. “You can’t be afraid.  When you’re on the [food] line, you can’t hesitate.  That’s when you make mistakes,” she said. Kujawa, known to the Kalamazoo College breakfast crowd as “Chef Karen,” may be spotted flipping cooked-to-order omelets before lines of [...]

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Behind the Scenes of Senior House Names

The Doll House  “The name originally come about because the facade of the house is classic like a doll house, but then it became a play on the fact that it''''''''s inhabited by four classically feminine, petite women, and the way society views women in general. There''''''''s also a nod to playwright Henrik Ibsen''''''''s critique of 19th century marriage norms in there somewhere.”- Katie Thiry’ 14.

By Mallika Mitra, Features Editor Over the years, it has become a tradition for seniors to name their houses. Here are some of the house names of this year’s seniors:

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An Interview with K Philarmonia French Horn Player Ron Chase

Ron Chase in Dalton Theater after rehearsal (Photo by Viola Brown)

By Viola Brown, Staff Writer Retired geology professor at Western Michigan University and Kalamazoo Philharmonia French horn player Ron Chase discussed with The Index his love of music, how he finds time to play his instrument with such a busy schedule, and his feelings about the Philharmonia’s upcoming performance “Regeneration”. The Index: How long have [...]

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