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An Interview Siwook Hwang, First Violinist for the Kalamazoo Philharmonia

By Viola Brown, Staff Writer First year student and first violinist for the Kalamazoo Philharmonia, Siwook Hwang discusses his experiences playing the violin, his time in the Philharmonia and the challenges he’s faced so far. The Index: How long have you been playing the violin and when did you become serious about it? Siwook Hwang: [...]

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The Jazz Improvisation Ensemble – Embodying the Soul of Jazz, Sans Sheet Music

By Yuvraj Bhagat, Contributor Numerous classes can be taken through Kalamazoo College’s music program; one, however, stands out from the rest as an improvisational group, rather than a traditional band or ensemble. This group is Kalamazoo’s Jazz Improve Ensemble, a creative lab that embodies the soul of jazz music. The Jazz ensemble is open to [...]

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Holdover for Civic Theatre’s Les Miserables and the Theatre’s Ties with K

es Miserables - 22 (1)

By Sarah Wallace, Arts and Entertainment Editor  The Kalamazoo Civic Theatre is proud to announce its holdover on its performance of Les Miserables. The play’s popularity has led to the addition of three new showings to the originally scheduled run. Originally scheduled to play through October 13th, Les Misérables will now run through Sunday, October [...]

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An Interview with Andrew Koehler, the Music Director of Kalamazoo’s Philharmonia Orchestra

By Viola Brown, Staff Writer After leading the Kalamazoo Philharmonia for seven years, Andrew Koehler reflects on his experiences dealing with the orchestra, the new season and the upcoming performance “Regeneration”. The Kalamazoo Philharmonia is one of the six college ensembles and mainly specializing in classical music. They hold three concerts a season, one each quarter. [...]

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K-Team Builds a Workout Community

K Team begins their abdominal workout.

By Mallika Mitra, Features Editor “30 more seconds!”, “You can do it,” and “One more sprint!” can all be heard on most weekdays coming from the patio outside of the Anderson Athletic Center before the day’s classes have even started. This is “K Team”, a newly formed workout group open to anyone on campus who [...]

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Channel 22 Now Accessible for Online Streaming

By Sarah Wallace, A & E Editor From its launch three years ago, Kalamazoo College’s cable channel, Channel 22, will likely be rapidly broadening its viewers. Funded by the Office of Student Involvement (OSI), Channel 22 plans to become available to students online. Channel 22 is a continuously running movie channel for any student on [...]

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The Playhouse Celebrates Fifty Years of Theater at K

layhouse sign

By Katie Schmitz, News Editor The Spring 2013 production of Into the Woods marked the beginning of the Kalamazoo College Playhouse’s 50th anniversary.   Kendal Kurzeja ’16 commented that Into the Woods was a “monumental musical and an incredible piece of work.” K plans to continue with this theme of monumental work for the rest [...]

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Dr. Dorceta Taylor’s Address on “Race, Poverty, and Access to Food in America”

By Paula Dallacqua, Contributor Last Wednesday, September 18th, the Harvest Moon sits in a particularly beautiful autumn night sky, and watches a crowd of people file into Sangren Hall, the building that houses Western Michigan University’s College of Education and Human Development. Dorceta E. Taylor, Ph.D., a professor at the University of Michigan’s School of [...]

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