The Head and the Heart: A Presentation of Rock Artists

The Head and the Heart Performing at the Kalamazoo State Theatre in Downtown Kalamazoo on May 28

By Trisha Dunham

Kalamazoo’s State Theatre hosted the folk-rock band The Head and The Heart on May 28. Indie-rock quintet Lucius opened the night. The concert was completely sold out and the entire front stage area and aisles were filled with spectators. There was an obvious excitement in the air, visible by the continuous clapping and shouting both before Lucius came on stage and during their performance.

Lucius walked onstage with a wood block and tambourine. The two female lead singers, Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig, wore identical half black half white outfits with short blonde bobs while the rest of the band, Peter Lalish, Dan Molad, and Andrew Burri wore all black suits.

During the bands interview with Sunday Times they explained their outfits, “[It] Is funny to us, because, 50 years ago, every act was hyperstylised. It wasn’t just about the music; all of it was connected, and people wanted it that way . . . For us, it all ties in: two voices as one, the fact that we write together and that we’re so close we finish each other’s sentences.”

Lucius started in Boston at the Berklee College of Music where lead singers Laessig and Wolfe met at school. The band’s debut album is titled Wildewoman and was released last October.

During the show the band played a variety of songs from their debut album Wildewoman and stopped to dedicate their song “Wildewoman” to, “all the women in the crowd.”

After Lucius finished, they welcomed The Head and the Heart. During the short transition period the audience was bursting with excitement. Several songs from the album were played over the loud speakers and the audience sang along eagerly anticipating the bands opening.

Unlike Lucius, the band did not wear coordinating attire. A majority of the members wore comfortable clothing—a mixture of T-shirts and button downs with no particular theme. Female vocalist and violinist, Charity Rose Thielen, distinctly wore all black with her blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail.

In an interview with Jerri Howell from Style Spotting Thielen said, “I would define my style as confident, classic, and eclectic. Confidence is the one piece from my wardrobe I won’t leave the house without.” And that, “My fashion is often inspired after a walk through an art museum.”

Kalamazoo College student Josefina Cibelli ‘16 attended the concert and said, “It’s hard to put into words what hearing The Head and The Heart live felt like. It was awesome being at the State Theater with amazing music and amazing friends.”

The band played a variety of songs from both of their albums, The Head and the Heart and Let’s Be Still. The crowd demanded an encore, and they got one. Vocalist Josiah Johnson came out and played a solo song, and then the entire band came out for another encore.

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