Study Spots Are Not Limited to the Library

By Justina Kilumelume

As midterm exams loom around the corner, most people are looking for places to study on a regular basis. Even though the Upjohn Library Commons is arguably the best place to study, it can get crowded during midterms and finals, making it difficult for one to secure a study hook. Fortunately, there are other comfortable spots on and close to campus that can be great alternative study corners. Though the list may be endless, here are a few suggestions: 

Your room: your desk is a great study spot because you can easily control the environment around you and the amount of noise conducive for your study time. You just need to be disciplined to limit distractions and avoid the temptation to study in your bed.  It’s also great because you don’t have to worry about walking back from the library after a late night of studying, especially for those who live off-campus.

Lounges in residence halls:  The dorm lounges are warm and cozy, and great for group study-sessions suitable for those who don’t like studying in the library because they prefer to aloud.

Hicks: Hicks has many great studying spots, like the leadership lounge on the second floor. It has a lot of room and a good view through the windows that overlook the Quad. The Richardson room also has comfy chairs and a toasty fireplace. The computer lab has a large studying table in the center of the room. While Hicks may be a bit busy during the day, it gets really quiet at night, and it’s the only building on campus that’s open 24/7, so even those who study at the crack of dawn have somewhere to go.

The Cavern:  Not many people know about it because it’s in an obscure location: behind and under the Stetson Chapel. It has very comfy chairs and couches, plus there are always free cookies and tea, which is ideal, especially with these cold temperatures. It is a quiet and comfortable place that will provide you with minimal distractions – there is no Wi-Fi, which is great if you want to avoid the distractions of the internet. The only disadvantage is that it closes at 11pm.

Cafes: for those who live off campus or those who own cars. Cafes are a great place to fuel up on good coffee and study. Water Street Café is located downtown Kalamazoo, on the corner of Kalamazoo Ave. and Water St.  It has plenty of comfortable seating and huge windows that allow plenty of light, and it’s fairly quiet.

There is also the Fourth Coast café located on 816 S. Westnedge Ave 24. It is open 24 hours a day, has free Wi-Fi, and good food. The Crow’s Nest, which stays opens until late, is located just upstairs.

There are many great alternatives to the library – you just need to explore and find a great study spot that fits your preferences and works best for you. Happy studying!

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