Student Commission Update

By Allison Tinsey

At the beginning of the meeting, President Darrin Camilleri appointed Siga Kisielius to replace Ogden Wright’s sophomore commissioner position after he abdicated last week. Kisielius is a sophomore and was chosen among other applicants by the Executive Board who advertised the position throughout sixth week after Wright stepped down. They asked three questions of applicants, including why they wanted to be on the Commission, what committees they would like to serve on, and what their impact could be by serving on the Commission.

Camilleri and Vice President Cameron Goodall recapped the City Commission meeting they attended, where they discussed this weekend’s armed robbery of two Kalamazoo College students, a MDOT request for a covered bus stop on West Main St., as well as a cross walk on West Main. The City Commission was deeply concerned with the assault on the students and will look into getting better lighting for that area. As for the concerns about West Main, the roads are under the jurisdiction of the Michigan Department of Transportation, not the city of Kalamazoo.

Concerning the Executive Board’s meeting with the President and Deans, Goodall remarked that the Innovation Fund ideas were well-received and they avidly discussed the viability of many of the ideas and where alternative funding could come from to make more than just one of the proposals come to fruition. They also discussed expanding and building upon Multiculturalism and Diversity at Kalamazoo College. While the administration recognizes the need for expansion, they also feel that the College is doing what they are capable of at this time compared to other schools. “It was a bit disappointing,” commented Camilleri.

Before the commencement of Monday’s meeting, the Commission was tasked with accommodating 22 Kalamazoo College students there to represent their budget requests and Innovation Fund applications later in the meeting. During the discussion of budgets, Model UN brought forth a budget request to attend a conference at the University of Chicago in April that would cost $6,000. The majority of the request was for hotel accommodations for the 24 participants. The vote on the request was tied 11-11-1, forcing President Camilleri to vote. Camilleri voted “no” and the request was denied. In the next request, Afro Fiesta Desi Soul was allocated $6,353.40 for the event taking place next week, on Saturday. The request included supplies and food for various student organizations. This year will be the fifth collaboration and will include six organizations. Innovation Fund applicants then spent the remainder of the meeting presenting their ideas to the Commission as a whole. The Commission will deliberate and vote on the Innovation Fund applications at next week’s meeting.

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