Student Commission Brief

By Graham Key

At the opening of Monday’s Student Commission meeting, Commission President Darrin Camilleri presented a graphic breakdown of endowment sizes for all colleges in the Great Lakes Colleges Association (GLCA), including Kalamazoo College.  The graphic, made available to Camilleri by the college administration, is part of a growing effort to make the K endowment more accessible to the student body.

Commission Vice President Cameron Goodall announced his new draft for the Student Commission Fellows program.  According to Goodall, the applications will be made available during Sixth Week.

Secretary of Finance Kelly Ohlrich announced the FPC’s recommendation to approve a $1500 budget-request made by the Pre-Law Society for their annual alumni dinner.  Following the passage of a friendly amendment to correct a typo on the meeting agenda, which had erroneously set the budget request $200 lower, the commission approved the request.

Ohlrich also announced that the Innovation Fund campaign received eight applications, three over her expectation.  The contents of the applications will be held in secrecy by the commission until sixth week for reasons unapparent to the Index.

First-Year Commissioner Andrew Kim updated commissioners on his meeting with the Student Life Advisory Committee (SLAC) about the upcoming Monte Carlo casino night.  According to Kim, SLAC will distribute 925 bracelets for students who preregister for the casino night, the limited number to conform to the fire code’s 999 person cap in the Hicks Center.

Junior commissioner Emily Sklar announced that the hours of operation for Anderson Athletic Facility will extend from Saturday of Sixth Week to the end of term.  According to Sklar, the cost of extended hours will fall on the Student Commission budget and the budget of the Office of Student Involvement.

During the public comment portion of the commission gathering, First-Year Sarah Bragg asked Camilleri about his plan of action regarding an allegation against the Financial Planning Committee made by Bragg the previous day.

According to Camilleri, there was miscommunication between the FPC and Bragg regarding who can sit in on FPC committee meetings.

“We plan on fully examining the situation,” Camilleri said.

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