Mixing it Up

By Charlotte Steele

Reflecting on the Changes of Campus Dining

The Grainery Oatmeal dispenser in the Book Club. Photo taken by Charlotte Steele.

Although first years may not realize it, those that were around before Creative Dining Services will notice that they have given the student dining experience some real flare since their arrival on campus.

To start, Kalamazoo College Dining Services is personable and attentive to the needs of students. It is clear that the cafeteria is a place for K Hornets. From the black and orange uniforms, to food items such as “hornet sauce,” Dining Services is up to date on the latest events on campus and is involved in student life.

Overall, students find this year’s dining experience to be more personable and diet-sensitive than in previous years.

“There are definitely way more and better vegetarian options,” said senior Paula Dallacqua. “The labeling is conscious, and there are more gluten-free options, as well.”

“They are more conscious of the need to eat and support local foods,” senior Stann Omar-Jones said.

These food are not just local to Kalamazoo, but local to our campus community and the needs of the student body. Dining Services has initiated a plethora of new systems and food items since the beginning of the year that are distinct to this year’s dining experience.

New items are marked with a “BOOM!” sign. These include a sampling program in an effort to decrease food waste.

Another new change includes a locally milled oat dispenser in the Book Club. Cup sizes are available for purchase as a quick breakfast. Generally speaking, the dining experience feels more detailed, intentional, and personalized.

Other goals include continuing to search for local vendors, planting an herb garden, and having more entertainment nights and events in the cafeteria, including cooking classes, said James Chantanasombut, the Dining Service General Manager.

This year has held an entirely different eating experience than those in years past. While we can’t have everything in the cafeteria, it’s important to remember what we do have.


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