Letter to the Editor

By Alexander Ross

Maybe if I close my eyes and read fast enough, I won’t have to see it, namely the uneducated remarks of Ms. Emily Pizza.

Pizza did not reference any of her statistics. Let me reference them for you: it is EPA Document Number 43-F-93-003. The Journal of Clinical Oncology had this to say:

“In 1992, the  EPA published a review of the epidemiologic studies on the effect of ETS (Environmental Tobacco Smoke)… it included former smokers in the nonsmoker category.”

In fact, the study was later thrown out by the US Supreme Court because it “Cherry Picked” to prove a predetermined conclusion.

From the Journal of the National Cancer Institute: 1) No clear dose-response relationship could be demonstrated for cumulative ETS exposure, 2) exposure to ETS from other sources (not spouses, family, or workplace) was not associated with lung cancer risk.

All of the studies done on smoking related to disease are examining people who work in an indoor environment, or people who live with someone that smokes indoors. Any study you read about secondhand smoke is about prolonged, direct exposure in an indoor location. We will all agree that banning smoking indoors at K is acceptable. Outdoors, there is absolutely no statistically relevant study to show that ETS is going to kill you.

Smokers of K: be respectful.  Adhere to the 25 foot rule.  Do not be rude. Some don’t like smoke.  Nonsmokers: Don’t bask in it, keep walking. A quick brush with smoke in the air will not leave you smelling like smoke.

Students of K: Don’t advocate for legislating someone’s personal, legal decision. Students have the freedom as adults to make their own choices.  Live with unpleasant smells. I assume you defecate, do you complain when your feces stinks?  But we won’t legislate bathrooms to outlaw defecation.

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