Letter to the Editor

By Benjamin Baker

I would like to first thank Mr. Zac Clark for feeling strongly enough to continue the conversation about student safety and security; it is something we as a commission take very seriously. I would next like to address a few points that were not entirely accurate in his letter to the editor last week.

I was the first to put KSAFE (Saferide) and the Transport together in a sentence, saying they would complement each other well because the needs they addressed were so different. However, these two proposals are in no way directly connected to each other. KSAFE was never designed for inclusion in the innovation fund.

We are seeking alternative funding options because of the need for longevity and stability with KSAFE. Since the safety of students is not subjective, we have worked hard to secure this resource for students now and in the future.

On another note, Commissioner Mele Makalo is incorrectly cited in the letter. Though I disagree with her opinion that KSAFE is “rooted in racism”, she did make an important distinction between KSAFE and Transport. Her comments at the meeting were positive with regards to Transport, but were either misheard or misinterpreted by Mr. Clark with regards to KSAFE.

The reason that I did not want to raise my concerns at that time was because the discussion was focusing on the Innovation Fund, which again, KSAFE was not a part of.

Commissioner Makalo’s comments on the subject of prejudice in feelings of safety among students are much appreciated. Part of KSAFE is the inclusion of first year forums and conversations about where feelings of fear are rooted.

Please share your support of this proposal with the administration, staff, and other students, and if you have questions about our vision please do not hesitate to approach a Commissioner.

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